Choosing Easy Spy as the Best Spying Application

easy spy official website screenThe Internet is full of reviews dedicated to various mobile applications, which can track phone activities but this particular review will be about Easy Spy software. Easy Spy is a relatively new program, but it has already introduced itself as a reliable application. Many people around the world purchase and install Easy Spy on their phones and recommend it to their friends. What are the main peculiarities of the following software? If you are looking for a good program for your mobile phone, take some time to read the following review.

Who might install Easy Spy

There are always certain groups of people, who install monitoring apps more frequently than other people. These are usually concerned parents and employees. Parents tend to protect their kids from bad influence as teenagers have unlimited access to the Internet and information. You cannot be sure that your kid is not visiting websites with inappropriate and violent content. Social networks are a different case, and the problem not only for parents but also employers. Parents want to protect their children from dishonest people while employers find Easy Spy as a great tool to keep an eye on the staff. Plenty of companies complain about employees who spend working hours on Skype instead of working. Easy Spy was developed with the purpose to protect your family and business.

Spy on iPhone and Android with Easy Spy

easy spy reviewBefore purchasing Easy Spy for your phone, you have to make sure that the soft is compatible with your mobile phone as Easy Spy is compatible only with Android and Apple phones. Just for 69, 99$ you will get the possibility to safely monitor your children, employees, and loved ones.  Unlike other spying programs, there are no hidden fees, especially for regular updates. You pay once and enjoy the quality of soft every day.

The process of buying Easy Spy is very simple and takes a couple of minutes. You need to visit the official website of the program, select product, pay for it and download. The website takes only Visa or Master Card, which some users find very inconvenient. However, all transactions are safe and protected. After making a payment, you receive an e-mail with instructions and other important information.

Note that in order to install Easy Spy, you need to have access to the target phone at least for a couple of minutes, but it has remote uninstall function. Easy Spy operates in visible and invisible modes. If you do not want anyone to know that you have installed tracking software on the mobile phone, you should choose the invisible mode.

Peculiarities of Easy Spy app

easy spy featuresMost users confess that Easy Spy phone software is a client-oriented, and its developers took into consideration many aspects, including a user-friendly website.

Features that allows tracking messages

  • Tracking messages. Easy Spy allows you to track all received and sent messages even if a user has deleted them from the mobile In control panel, you can see information about the sender and receiver.
  • E-mail control. It is also important to monitor the exchange of e-mails as they might also contain information that must not be presented to third parties. Received data contains details on subject, receiver and content of the e-mail. You can even check what attachments the user sent.
  • Call tracking. Tracking calls are important if you want to see whether employees are using companies’ phones to make their private calls. This feature saves info on each received and outgoing call, each cell phone number and duration of conversion. With Easy Spy no one will be able to fool you. For your convenience, the program allows you to save info in TXT or PDF formats.

Other useful features

  • Internet activity. Easy Spy receives and saves information on each website visited with the phone. This feature allows you to find out what content your children are interested in. Make sure your kids do not get under the influence of unnecessary information and bad people online.
  • Photos and videos. All photos and videos are recorded. You can view them with time. It gives the opportunity to find out more about places your kid has been to and people he/ she is friends with.
  • GPS tracker. Do you want to know where your son is during school and how often he skips lessons? No problem. Easy Spy will cope with this task too with the help of GPS tracker that identifies the location of the target
  • Remote camera. This feature is not frequently used, but when it is, it perfectly goes with GPS tracker of the phone as it is possible to make photos with the help of the phone’s camera of unknown location.
  • Social Networks. Keep an eye on Facebook page and friends of your daughter with Easy Spy. There are many predators using social networks to allure teenagers. Easy Spy makes a record of activities of popular social networks and phone applications.
  • It might be a good idea to check contact list of your kids from time to time to see what new phone numbers they have added. Make sure new friends of your kids are real if we are talking about social media, and honest. And if an employee deletes a phone number of a competitor, you will definitely find out due to Easy Spy.


Easy Spy is a phone program that receives numerous positive feedback and comments. It has features that will satisfy needs of employers and private people. Do not hesitate to visit the website of the program for detailed information.

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