Want to contribute to our website? Or want to know the process we follow to present our articles on this website? Then read this section to understand more insight into our website.

Introduction and Purpose

The website covers information related to smartphone spying, tracking, hacking, and cybersecurity.

We primarily cover product reviews after personally testing them at our end.

The products include apps and software intended for spying or tracking smartphones and digital devices.

The products are reviewed by our in-house team, one of whom is a private investigator, and the other is an IT-expert.

Both of them have over 5 years of experience in their respective domain before working on this website.

Despite being technically savvy, they prepare content that is easily understood by a layman user.

When reviewing, we try to be as unbiased as possible and provide authentic information.

Other than product reviews, you will find a step-by-step tutorial, how-to guides, and the latest cyber-security news.

The primary purpose of the website is to be a one-stop destination for finding all you need to know about phone tracking and spying.

Whether you want to spy on your fiancé’s iPhone or monitor your kid’s smartphone, we have got you covered with the information you need.

We aim to be an authoritative and trustworthy source for such information.

Duty to our Readers

We treat our readers with transparency and openness they deserve.

Being an online publication, we understand the responsibility of presenting authentic, unbiased, relevant, and thorough journalism, which will help people like you to educate yourselves on application spying topics.

Therefore, when writing the articles, we maintain a high level of consciousness.

Besides reviewing every application at our end, we gather information from the internet, which we believe will help our readers.

At this website, we have no room for plagiarism. We respect other people’s work who work on similar topics to ours.

Originality and usefulness are what we focus on when creating articles for our readers.

However, we also expect readers to have discretion and proper judgment skills to decide what’s right or not for a particular scenario.

As a publication, we only intend to provide relevant information. But it’s up to the reader what they do with that information.


While we all work under the name of the website, none of us have ownership of it.

Which means, no one in our team has been granted the right to use it for private purposes.

Any association in the form of ID cards, email signatures, and other forms must not be used for governmental, commercial, or personal purposes.

No insider information or confidential data related to day-to-day operations or policies must be disclosed to the public or anyone not authorized to obtain them.

These restrictions which are imposed on staff members should be interpreted as an “order” from not responding openly and honestly about the internal matter.

What this means for readers is that every inquiry you make about the website and the information may not get a proper or direct response.

While full efforts will be made to disclose complete information, it is solely at our discretion.

If requests threaten legal actions, then the requests are forwarded to the legal department, which may take more processing time.

Rules for Editors and Writers

All writers are forced to write high-quality articles that meet our reader’s expectations.

Correct information and reliability are prioritized over entertainment.

So when writing an article, all writers spend almost half of their time in research.

Research is conducted over the internet, and factual information is gathered from various credible sources.

This information is then cross-checked with our findings before we present any numbers, claims, or statistics.

The articles once drafted are forward to our highly-qualified editors.

Editors follow a similar set of procedures when reviewing articles written by writers.

While providing a complete checklist is not possible, the significant areas they focus on is readability, grammar, fact-checking, length of the article, multimedia like images (if any), and plagiarism checking.

After an article passes the desired acceptance level, it is reviewed for the last time before being published on the site.

Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions

The articles we provide on this website are majorly informational. We intend to provide correct and useful information in the form of reports.

None of them are sponsored, paid, or created in partnership with a company.

The content created is based on our reviews and opinions, which are not made in any financial interest.

At times, we may have affiliate links. But we provide a proper disclaimer for those types of content.