How to Find The Owner of a Cell Phone Number

Are you receiving calls from unfamiliar phone numbers, and do you want to avoid talking to unidentified callers? Alternatively, are your children being harassed by unfamiliar numbers? Fortunately, we have a solution for this issue. Thanks to technological advances, you can gather essential information about the caller using just their number. In this article, we will cover different methods of doing so.

7 Ways to Look Up a Phone Number Owner

Throughout this chapter, we will discuss seven flexible strategies that could be put into practice. The strategies cover a wide range, from using popular search engines to using the most standardized resources, not forgetting the social media. The ultimate goal is to provide enough knowledge to you before answering the eternal question: to whom does this phone number belong? We are going to present to you the following seven strategies meticulously.

1. Using Google Search to Find a Phone Number

A woman typing on Google's search bar on a laptop.

It is one of the most expedient and optimal processes for discovering the owner of a mobile phone digit. This is because Google prides itself as the largest search engine and is thereby an invaluable resource for pinpointing the person behind a cell phone number.

Is it possible to carry out a Google search using a cellphone number? Should the number you are trying to locate be publicly accessible, then the search engine is more than likely to throw up results. This way, you’ll have all of the details of the number’s current holder thrown your way.

To find out who a phone number belongs to for free or even to trace the phone number’s location owner, do the following:

1. Visit using your computer or smartphone web browser.

2. In the search bar, type in the phone number in the format (123) 456-7890.

Google a cell phone number for free

3. After the phone number, you can also type in the owner or user.

4. Finally, search and review the results.

Google search results to know the owner of a cell phone number

2. Try Out a Reverse Phone Number Lookup Service

An alternate approach for identifying the proprietor of a phone number is through a reverse phone number lookup service similar to Searqle. Services such as these supply an extensive, detailed perspective, much like the exhaustive process indispensable when searching for the owner of a piece ofproperty via the address or on finding a person with access to their name or phone number.

  • Who called you
  • The address of the phone owner
  • First and last name
  • City and state of residence

Searqle is a people intelligence tool that provides many extensive records for over 12 billion data sources. It helps many people discover more information about other individuals, which can assist people that have unwanted requests from people who is trying to scam or spam their personal details.

Try Searqle

3. Identify Numbers With Truecaller App

Truecaller app - How to know the owner of a cell phone number

Are you curious about the process of discovering the owner of a cell phone number when it’s unknown?

Truecaller is the perfect option for you. This mobile application deploys a spam registry that is community-based. This registry is made up of over 250 million individuals who are members of the public. Using this registry has been successful in identifying people who own phones. Truecaller also excels at getting rid of calls and texts that are unwanted and appear to be spam. In addition, it can be used to find the entire contact information for anyone who is calling you. This includes the caller’s complete contact information and name.

To find related names and information, enter any number. You can use your call history or the Truecaller Widget to look up numbers, too.

4. WhitePages

WhitePages - how to know the owner of a cell phone number

Finding a phone number’s owner with the use of a reverse phone lookup service which is based on Whitepages records is one of the possible methods. If you get a call from a scammer or from an unknown number, Whitepages is one of the best websites that you can use to look up that caller’s phone number.

In order to conduct the search, an individual will be required to input a telephone number which is contained within an exact area code. When the search function is initiated by clicking the specified icon, the outcomes desired by the researcher are eventually exposed for them to utilize, or upon perusal, may continue their search.

Merely content that Google may list can be viewed through our online platform. A financial commitment will be necessary to access premium services, like locating an individual’s contact information or conducting a reverse telephone lookup.

5. Search Through Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

When attempting to discern the identity of a phone number owner, it can be quite advantageous to delve into various social media platforms. By inserting a specific phone number into the search bar of well-known social networks, you will likely discover a collection of profiles tied to that specific number. This technique is more than just about finding a name; it allows you to get a glimpse into the life of the person calling. You can find out more about their interests, connections, and livelihood, which together paint a pretty clear picture of what could have encouraged an individual to call.

6. Find Phone Owner Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp being used on an iPhone - how to know the owner of a cell phone

Frequently, you are confronted with the query “Who is the proprietor of a mobile number?” or “Who called me from this phone number?”

If you desire a totally free answer to this problem without making a visit to any website, type the number into WhatsApp and scan for any online profiles connected to that number.

Once you’ve found a WhatsApp account associated with the phone number you’re searching for, you’ve essentially found who you’re looking for. Ultimately, since the user’s number is linked to their WhatsApp account, this method can help find a phone number’s owner. This is something all WhatsApp users benefit from.

7. Contacting Your Mobile Service Provider

There are times when it is useful to turn to your cell phone company to discern who is behind a random number, especially if they ring you up multiple times in an annoying manner or text you even after you have pleaded for mercy on the number of tests. The representatives who work at the company have a command of techniques that can lead you to a better understanding of the situation you find yourself in, and can even help put an end to the matter of having to field such unwelcome phone calls and intrusive texts.

Cellular service carriers possess comprehensive documentation and capabilities to help identify the person or entity behind a troublesome phone number. By relying on these companies, you might acquire hints, take steps to prevent the number from contacting you in the future, and achieve peace of mind. It is a good idea to defer to your cellular carrier for their vast resources and assistance in troublesome situations like these.


This detailed manual has divulged seven useful strategies to locate the person who possesses a mobile phone number. Should your preference lead you towards web search engines like Google, exclusive services provided by Searqle, mobile applications the likes of Truecaller, or online social hubs, there will be an array of approaches for you to explore the unknown identity behind the call. These tactics will not only arm you against prying eyes but monitor insidious threats that could undermine the security of your own phone.

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