How to Hack an iPhone: This Is What You Need to Do

Are you curious about ways to access an iPhone’s system? What are the most effective ways to do this in an ethical manner? Is there a way to gain unauthorized access to an iPhone without physical contact?

Recently, Google hackers have discovered over 10 ways to infiltrate an iPhone. What’s even more shocking is that these attack surfaces are designated as ‘fully remote’ – meaning you don’t have to be near the target to infiltrate it.

There are numerous ways to hack an iPhone, including highly technical methods like taking advantage of vulnerabilities in a device’s operating system or using malevolent software that can erase data from an iPhone. Even though Apple products are considered to be incredibly secure, there are ways for hackers to get around the measures the company put in place to protect iPhone users.

To break into an iPhone for entertainment purposes, no computer is necessitated. An additional technique to gain unauthorized access to an iPhone includes the use of an app like mSpy. This will enable easy access to the device one wishes to breach.

In this piece, we’ll review a few iPhone tricks that you can use to hack an iPhone.

How to Hack an iPhone Without Access to it?

For gaining unauthorized access to an iPhone without directly handling it, the most effective method is to utilize iCloud. Which, by the way, is a software program that governs and administers all Apple products, including but not exclusively limited to Apple’s smartphones and tablets. Even though iCloud isn’t a publicly open service, there still exists several distinct approaches to it that can afford you access to the server so you could practically spy on and track all the events running on the phone.

In order to proceed with this remote breach, simply acquire the iCloud login details of the target. Afterwards, leverage the acquired data to access the user’s account via a web browser. But be sure to remove any security measures they applied, such as Find my iPhone. This will ensure your privacy and avoid any additional security triggers. Once inside their account, they will be like an open book to you.

How to Hack Into an iPhone Using Wi-Fi

Hack an iPhone using phishing

Utilizing a public Wi-Fi network, normally an insecure one, is one of the main tools to remotely hack into an iPhone. When it comes to hacking into a device, it requires a great range of knowledge.

This strategy entails implementing a man-in-the-middle offensive. Instead of directly attacking the guy from his bank, the hacker sends a text message by using a sender ID spoof until the system is out of competition or adjusts the code, then encrypts this as (for example) US Bank, which has told me these subjects are alerted to SIM swap attacks. He supplies a web link while posing as the bank to click on. When the riveted person logs into the counterfeit bank subversion page and receives a file, his/ her iPhone are compromised.

Frequently, this process may be used to acquire private passcodes, spy on your messages, and potentially obtain classified data. This particular approach, also recognized as “phishing”, is when the culprit sends you a very reasonable text or email to log onto your phone. This iPhone that has been penetrated is now susceptible to hacker’s complete control.

How to Hack iPhone Passcode Without a Computer

Do you seek a method for hacking an iPhone from another iPhone? You can easily accomplish this by utilizing iCloud. By selecting the “Find My iPhone” feature on iCloud, you can gain access to the desired device via cellular phone, rather than relying on a computer. The necessary steps are listed below.

  1. First, log in to the official iCloud website using any device of your choice.
  2. Log in with your iCloud credentials.
  3. From iCloud, select the ‘Find My iPhone’ option.
  4. From the ‘Find My Phone’ mode, click all devices and select the target device which you want to access.
  5. Select ‘Erase iPhone’ to complete the process.

That’s the way you hack an iPhone’s password. Now you know how to use this method, let’s analyze the various advantages and disadvantages it presents.

This method has an apparent benefit: you can use it without paying anything. Furthermore, it’s also not necessary for you to install any specific software to use it.

However, it would be impossible to employ this approach without possession of the appropriate Apple ID and iCloud account details belonging to the device in question, thus constraining the method’s adaptability and usefulness.

How to Hack an iPhone Using Find My iPhone

Use Find my iPhone to hack an iPhone

To infiltrate an iPhone or another iOS device a different way is to use the Find my iPhone application remotely. Hackers use this method a lot, especially if they get a hold of an iCloud username and password. A list of steps is provided here(showing these steps)

  1. Use the target’s iCloud credentials to log in to their Apple ID using another device.
  2. Select Find my iPhone, and then select the iPhone you want to hack into.
  3. Choose the option to Erase iPhone and enter the iCloud or Apple ID credentials again.
  4. This will get rid of their data, but also their password, allowing you to hack the iPhone.

Despite its efficacy at enabling access to the iPhone of a specific individual, this approach carries considerable risk. This is because the process will not go unnoticed by the individual – they will quickly realize that their plane has indeed been “cleaned out” or “erased.”

How to Hack Into an iPhone Using mSpy

Use mSpy to hack into an iPhone

If you need to access and view an iPhone, then you cannot do without mSpy. This spy app is remotely installed on an iPhone device and allows you to infiltrate the file system so that you can start monitoring whatever data you want to get your hands on. Within three easy steps, you can start using mSpy.

  1. First, choose a mSpy subscription that suits your needs. Once you’ve made the required payment, you’ll instantly get further instructions regarding how to install the app.
  2. Next, install the application on the target device. If you want to access the advanced features, you need to jailbreak an iPhone. In case you need assistance, our customer support teams are available around the clock.
  3. Now simply log in to your mSpy control panel and start monitoring your target device from multiple aspects. You can perform location and call tracking, along with text messages, social media, and much, much more.

After the application is installed, you can essentially monitor any activity on the cell phone. Take a look at the list below for the initial set of features when using mSpy:

  • Monitor SMS and get detailed reports directly on your cellphone.
  • Keep a tab on the target phone’s email.
  • Track iPhone location using the handy GPS tracking feature.
  • Browse through all kinds of multimedia messages.
  • Monitor messaging apps and calls.

How to Hack an iPhone Using a Keylogger

Using a keylogger to access an iPhone unlawfully is an extremely easy method, and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Its only disadvantage is the necessity to have physical access to the target device for about a minute.

The majority of advanced keyloggers can be remotely installed on an iPhone, provided that it has two-factor authentication turned off. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and makes it difficult for cyber criminals to access your account, even if they’ve stolen your password. If two-factor authentication is activated, the target device will receive a confirmation code from Apple that you will need to copy in order to install an unauthorized application on it.

One of the most efficient ways to tap into an iPhone is with a keylogger. uMobix is a perfect illustration of a spy app that efficiently captures user keys and gives access to sensitive data and information in iPhone.

Hack an iPhone using uMobix keylogger

This is the method to set up uMobix on a targeted iPhone that will allow access to the data stored on it.

  1. Open the uMobix website and register for an account with your email ID and a password.
  2. Select your target device and subscription of choice and make the payment for it.
  3. Follow the instructions to install uMobix on the target device, and start monitoring it via the app’s dashboard.

Because the app cannot be detected on the device it is monitoring, the user will be unaware of the fact that their device has been hacked and they are being monitored.

Similar to mSpy, uMobix also provides users with numerous features to monitor various facets of the target iPhone. These features comprise:

Advanced Methods to Hack An iPhone

I have some advice for you. While it’s true that there are numerous methods to hack an iPhone password, all of them come with some level of risk.

Apple is a massive business worth billions of dollars and has a deep, serious interest in protecting the reputation of its products and devices. The only way to compromise the security of an iPhone through a direct attack is to have advanced hacking tools in your possession that is specifically designed to exploit unknown vulnerabilities in the iPhone. An issue that is very rarely encountered nowadays.

The iMessage app, which is the default chat app on the iOS mobile operating system, has the highest number of problems. By only using a carefully written text, hackers can misuse this option and perform any action on the device.

The outcome of this would be that the device being targeted would be penetrated, and all text and picture information would be exploited. Furthermore, the recipient of the intended message would not need to have opened it for this exploit to function. They would remain completely ignorant of the fact that their security had been compromised.

There are numerous vulnerabilities in the iMessage security system that attackers can use to inject malicious code into a user’s device without their knowledge. Experts argue that one of the reasons behind this could be the fact that iMessage is interconnected with multiple other apps across Apple’s platforms, which makes it more susceptible to abuse.

Despite years of rumors, there is still no detailed technical understanding of the fully remote attack surface possibly existing on the iPhone platform.

The iPhone provides several opportunities for hacking, including SMS, MMS, VVM, and email, and these are all remote hacking opportunities.

The above examples clearly demonstrate the formidable challenge of hacking into an Apple device. Apple is so assured of its device security that the corporation recently upped its bounty to $1 million for revealing vulnerabilities.

Except for coders of significant skill, these methods might be difficult.

How to Hack an iPhone Remotely for Free Using SS7 Mobile Tracking

Leveraging a vulnerability in the SS7 protocol to compromise an iPhone demonstrates a high level of technical acumen, as it requires no involvement by the victim and typically includes no interaction or notification of any kind. It’s a purenetwork attack and it works against all modern phones, in fact it is easiest to complete if the phone’s roaming feature is enabled but is perfectly plausible to complete with roaming turned off. It was felt by reporters about 5% of the devices prevented the attack using a time-out, however, many versions of this attack would turn out to be one hundred percent foolproof in months following the presentation.

This technique permits the user to tap into the target’s text communications, pinpoint their GPS position, delve into their iPhone camera, and even eavesdrop on their calls. Frequently utilized by cybercriminals, cracking into this platform equips them with the same volume of intel that any intelligence agency could amass if it had access to the database.


By now, you have been through multiple ways to hack an iPhone without the user knowing about it. Some of these methods do not require much technical knowledge, such as using a spy app or a keylogger, or using Find My iPhone. However, there are others, such as exploiting the SS7 system that does. In any case, remember that hacking into someone’s device is illegal inasmuch as it is an invasion of their privacy. But if you still decide to hack someone’s iPhone, we advise you to use a spy app or keylogger like mSpy or uMobix, as they grant you access to a rich array of information about the target iPhone.

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