How to View Text Messages Using IMEI for Free

To search for text messages using IMEI for free, we tested many methods to see what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve sorted through everything to make sure you know which one is good and which one just doesn’t work. We wanted to see how easy it was to do, how well it worked, and if it worked at all. Some of the ways we checked out were a letdown and some of them impressed us. There are ways to see messages on a phone if you’re curious and a few ways that would be good if you need to keep an eye on how things are going for safety reasons.

Although there are multiple methods of accommodating this particular undertaking, we have come to the conclusion that the leading solution is mSpy. Through this comprehensive manual, we will impart upon you the most efficient techniques, honing in on the reasoning behind why mSpy surpasses all alternatives when it comes to reading text messages using an IMEI number.

Ways to View Text Messages Using IMEI for Free

Following an extensive trial of different strategies and software for accessing text messages using IMEI, we have isolated the most efficient, user-friendly options available. They’re great for everything from parental monitoring to recovering information tossed out for especially various reasons by an individual. For us, these are the best offers you can look into right now if you are interested in viewing text messages through the IMEI number.

How to View Text Messages Using IMEI for Free with mSpy


The mSpy program is designed for those who need to monitor text messaging using the IMEI and free software. mSpy gives you the ease of access and track calls logs as well as students and kids. The mSpy software stands out in many areas but one of its standout features is the ability to track cell phones and access the data remotely. Don’t you just wish to know where your kids are around the clock? Well, you can with mSpy. In addition to that, you can browse your daughter’s or son’s Instagram account. You don’t need to be twenty-four hours around them because you can now access this information remotely.


  1. Register: Start by creating an account on the mSpy website.
  2. Choose a Plan: Select the subscription plan that best fits your needs.
  3. Install: Follow the detailed instructions provided to install mSpy on the target device. This step may require physical access to the device.
  4. Monitor: Log in to your mSpy dashboard to start viewing text messages and other data from the monitored device.

mSpy makes it easier to use an IMEI number to gain access to text messages, enabling users to meet their surveillance objectives with minimal hassle.


FreeSMSTracker offers a valuable alternative to anyone interested in monitoring text messages, using IMEI for no charge. This app has been developed to be as user-friendly and simple as possible, and is a good choice for anyone, regardless of their level of expertise. In addition, FreeSMSTracker allows users to get a complete overview of incoming and outgoing SMS messages, sent from or delivered to the targeted phone, in real-time. With features like logging onto SMS circuit-switched networks, compatibility with any model of phone, and the fact that the app doesn’t just monitor messages on smartphones, it’s a solution suited to anyone whom just wants to capture all the conversations.


  1. Sign Up: Visit the FreeSMSTracker website and sign up for an account.
  2. Configure: Enter the IMEI number of the target device during the setup process.
  3. Activate: Follow the on-screen instructions to activate SMS tracking on the target device.
  4. Access Messages: Log in to your FreeSMSTracker dashboard to begin viewing text messages from the monitored device.

FreeSMSTracker allows users to easily keep an eye on SMS actions, and is well-suited for simple SMS tracking needs.



TEXTR excels as a specific tool for people who want to read text messages by using IMEI. It is devised particularly for downloading messages and executes it excellently in simplifying SMS data for the interest of users. TEXTR is popular with its competence and its effectiveness in directly downloading the messages and works comprehensively across different platforms. Optionally, it looks at individuals that are required to comprehend the SMS insights as easy, and as fast as possible in very stipulated SMS systems without digging into the high-maintenance processes.


  1. Create an Account: Navigate to the TEXTR website and register for a new account.
  2. Enter IMEI Number: Provide the IMEI number of the target device when prompted.
  3. Verify Setup: Complete any required verification steps to confirm the device’s compatibility.
  4. Start Tracking: Once set up, log into your TEXTR dashboard to access and monitor text messages.

TEXTR makes it easy and efficient for users to monitor text messages.

Contacting the Service Provider

Reaching out to the service provider is a classic method to access text messages via IMEI, especially when there are no alternative options or when official assistance is needed. The procedure consists of interacting with the mobile network company which supplies the phone. Service providers can indeed provide help in some cases, such as when texts should be shown for legal purposes or when the device is lost. It relies heavily upon the service provider’s terms of use and how good the customer is at proving his or her identity and rationality.


  1. Gather Information: Collect all necessary information, including the IMEI number of the target device and any relevant account details.
  2. Contact Customer Support: Reach out to your service provider’s customer support via phone or their official website.
  3. Verify Identity: Be prepared to verify your identity and provide a valid reason for requesting access to the text messages.
  4. Follow Instructions: Comply with any additional instructions or requirements provided by the service provider to access the messages.

Although reaching out to the service provider might entail additional red tape and could be a less efficient alternative, it nevertheless constitutes a valid course of action for those who require access to text conversations and legally possess the right or responsibility to acquire such content.

The IMEI Number: What Is It and How Does It Work?

IMEI location image

The IMEI number is a 15-digit identifier unique to each mobile device. This number serves as the device’s fingerprint, setting it apart from the million other devices. It is this number that cellular networks use to identify valid devices, ensuring that cell phones are not operational over the network if they are theft.

How does the IMEI number function? Your IMEI number is transmitted and logged each time you dial or text. To monitor and track your device’s movements, it is important for your service provider. When your SIM card is changed, the IMEI stays the same since it is hardwired in the unit, which provides a steady manner for tracing the iPhone’s text messages or supervising the device. The IMEI number’s special feature lays the groundwork for retrieving text messages that is explained further below.


To summarize, despite the several different methods to view text messages with an IMEI number, mSpy is the most promising among them. Its intuitive interface, extensive features, and dedicated customer confidentiality all contribute to its well-deserved recognition. For parents and business owners alike, mSpy has proven to be the most trustworthy, the most moral, and the most encompassing mobile monitoring application.

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