Phonesheriff. Reasons to Install This Monitoring Software

Important Note: Please avoid using PhoneSheriff mobile spying application due to unpredictable circumstances. Retina-X Studios stops few of its major projects and PhoneSheriff is also on the list. So, please be clear about the situation and consider using mSpy or uMobix instead. In case you have already been using PhoneSheriff, please contact Retina-X Studios for a refund.

phonesheriff reviewSpying applications have become a great solution for people who need to control phone activities. Even though it is a question of much dispute, spying software is a legal product, which people use in most countries of the world. Recently people have begun to use Phonesheriff software – one of the most popular tools for spying.

Statistics show that there are three basic reasons why simple people might decide to install monitoring software.


  1. Jealous spouses. One of the reasons why people install monitoring software is a suspicion that a spouse is cheating. Spying program is the easiest way to check it. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of marriages that survived because spying software has proved that there was no ground for a divorce.
  2. Employee control. Controlling employees work is a necessity because many of them waste working time on the Internet and use corporate phone devices for personal needs. Employers cannot stay over the shoulder of their staff and for this reason use monitoring software for mobile devices and computers.
  3. Last but not the least important is parental control monitoring. These days people use phones more often instead of computers because it is convenient and simple. Teenagers access the Internet wherever they are and stay in touch with their friends at any time. However, they are not very experienced and not always able to identify potential dangers.

Luckily, there is a wonderful solution – the Phonesheriff application that you can easily install on iPhones, Android phones, and Blackberries. This review presents detailed info about the software features, its benefits and installation procedure.

Phonesheriff Main Features

One of the most distinguishing features of the app is its compatibility, which makes the product more popular. Apart from this, Phonesheriff is a user-friendly program with a very good website. Official website of the app contains detailed information about its features and purchase instructions. Just take a couple of minutes to look through the most popular features of Phonesheriff:

  • Call history. One of the most popular features among employers is monitoring phone calls. Big and small companies use this feature to make sure that employees do not use corporate mobile phones for personal purpose. However, this function is also useful for parents who want to know more about friends their children are contacting more frequently. Information usually includes phone numbers, duration of calls, and dates.
  • Text messages. With Phonesheriff you could secretly read text messages, including iMessages on iPhones. As the app operates on a silent mode, the owner of the target phone will not have a clue. Even if the messages are deleted, they are copied and saved to control panel. No need to worry, you will not miss anything.

Tracking Internet Activity with Phonesheriff

phonesheriff reviewPeople, who install monitoring software, usually are extremely curious about internet activity of target phone. Phonesheriff offers the following features to track online activity:

  • Visited websites. The program allows you to view which URLs the user has visited. It does not matter which browser have been used as application collects information from all browsers. In addition, the app gives you the possibility to control and block a website with obscene words and inappropriate content.
  • Social media. Teens spend a lot of time on Facebook and similar websites. This fact presents certain concerns as you cannot be sure that new online friends of your kid are honest and real people. Use Phonesheriff to control social media activity and online conversations.
  • E-mails. With this feature, you can check e-mails. It is a good tool to make sure that employees are not sharing confidential information with anyone outside the company. The app is able to protect your business from leakage of sensitive information.

Monitoring Other Activities of the Phone with Phonesheriff

  • GPS location tracking. This function is incredibly useful if your phone is lost or stolen as it might help find it. Apart from this, parents adore this feature because it identifies the location of the target phone in a couple of seconds. The program uses Google maps and provides clear image not only of a location but also surrounding buildings. If you have suspicions that your child is skipping lessons, you can verify it with Phonesheriff. Moreover, it is possible to set parameters, which will prevent your kid from crossing borders of restricted areas. You will get notification of it.
  • Photo and video. The media gallery is not a problem for Phonesheriff too. The application gives access to gallery content – its photos, video, and recordings. Now you know how your child is spending time with friends and where.
  • Calendar events. Getting to know how teenagers spend weekends is challenging. If you are a parent, you know that perfectly well. Phonesheriff has access to a calendar of a target phone and tracks down all changes in the calendar – newly added and canceled events.
  • Installed applications. There is also a feature that monitors which programs the user has installed recently. It is possible to block applications which seem to be suspicious or harmful.

How to Install Phonesheriff

phonesheriff reviewPhonesheriff installation process literally takes a couple of minutes, but you need physical access to the phone. First, you need to purchase the online soft package that suits your needs. If you have not used Phonesheriff before, we recommend you to purchase the product for 6 months. The price is 49,00 $. 1-year program costs only 89, 00 $ which is not a huge sum considering the high quality of the service.

Once you have selected a product and paid for it, you receive an e-mail with detailed instructions. Phonesheriff has different payment methods, which include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal system. Note that it is obligatory to accept terms of usage and legal agreement. When the validity term ends, the program becomes inoperable.


Phonesheriff is a product developed to help protect your kids and prevent bad things happening. Do not hesitate to try it. You will be surprised by the quality and reliability of services for this price.

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