How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android and iPhone

You may one day unwittingly delete your important text messages on an Android or iPhone device. Or, someone might have stolen your phone. What happens next? Is the data lost, or is there a way for you to recover them? While recovering the deleted text messages is possible, you have to be careful in your approach for the best results.

Luckily, this guide sheds light on the things you should expect during the text recovery process. Ready to get started? Let us dive right into it:

3 Ways to Easily Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

The techniques to easily retrieve deleted text messages on Android are diverse and can include:

Recover Deleted Android Texts with the Help of Software

While it’s primarily a parental control app, Spybubble ranks high up among the list of techniques you can use to recover deleted android texts. The steps for using Spybubble pro to recover deleted android text include:

  1. Visit the Spybubble pro website.
  2. Create a user account, and choose a suitable subscription.
  3. Download the application to your Android device.
  4. Input your user details into the application.
  5. Customize the app’s basic settings. It should start uploading your preferred data to the Spybubble pro server.
  6. You can access the texts at any time by logging in to your account and accessing the text section. 

SpyBubble Text Messages

Spybubble is also a Facebook messenger spy app without target phone and lets you track other social media, and much more. You will also be able to read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

Use Google Drive to Recover Deleted Texts on Android 

Not many people are aware of how to use Google Drive to recover deleted texts on Android. While it’s not a guaranteed solution, Google Drive is a suitable alternative for accessing text data when you have no other means.

To restore deleted text messages on Android via Google Drive, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate the Airplane Modetext deletion only sets aside the file so that the phone system replaces it whenever your inbox is full. It’s probably a technique phone software makers use to safeguard data from loss. Switching your device to airplane mode will ensure no new texts that come to your device. You have to do this, especially if your phone carrier or close acquaintances often sends you messages. Otherwise, the process might get to retrieve deleted text messages on android
  2. Access Google Drive – you have likely integrated your phone with Gmail login details. Doing this will automatically back up your phone data to Google Drive, which probably includes your texts. The following are the steps involved in determining the last text backup in your device:
    1. Access Google Drive.
    2. Go to the Menu.
    3. Select the Setting option.
    4. Then, choose Google Backup.
    5. If the data backup occurred correctly, you will notice your device listed as part of the devices. 
    6. Click on the name of your device. Doing this will give you access to the SMS messages, and each often has timestamp details. Choose the most recent backup to make things convenient. 

PRO TIP! – You can also access when the last phone backup occurred by clicking on System > Backup.

android text recovery

Use Android SMS Recovery Software 

There are various Android SMS recovery software that you can use to recover deleted text messages. However, be careful when downloading such software, and the best recommendation is to go for a reputable app service. Below are three Android SMS recovery software that you can use:

Dr. Fone App

The Dr. Fone App ranks high up among some of the best android message recovery software. It’s a convenient app because it also works on iOS devices. The app comes with a complete toolkit, which you can use to restore your phone messages.

It also has a highly intuitive user interface, making it easy to access the app’s essential functions. The app also has concise data security policies, which help stop illegal access to your sensitive data.

The app is also available with a highly responsive team of customer support members for when you face technical issues. 

Cool Muster 

Similar to the Dr. Fone App, Cool Muster is popular for having a highly intuitive and simple-to-use interface. The main page of the app features a single button, which makes it easy to start the scanning procedure.

The app will also scan SD cards to find any relevant SMS data. Best of all, the app works in the “Read Only Mode”, so that it never makes any adjustments to your phone functions. The Cool Muster app for restoring Android SMSs is also available with a trial version which you can use to get acquainted with its functions.

Aside from SMS content, the app can also recover various other forms of content. These can include contacts, documents, and media content. 


Undeleter gives you the ability to access your messages before you can retrieve them. As with all other apps in this list, Undeleter has a highly intuitive user interface for your convenience. 

It gives users the option of storing messages on the phone or using Cloud storage platforms. Undeleter works well with both Google Drive or DropBox. Through this function, the app ensures that none of your content is overwritten.

3 Ways to Quickly Find Deleted Messages on iPhone

There are various techniques you can use to find deleted messages on iPhone, including:

Use iCloud to Find Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 

iCloud backups are an excellent resource you can use to recover any deleted texts from your device. However, it only works best if you perform regular data backups and have the correct settings on your device. The steps involved in this process include:

  1. Access the setting application.
  2. Click on your Apple ID, which sits on your profile on the top section.
  3. Click on iCloud.
  4. Scroll through the list, and click on the iCloud Backup options.
  5. Then determine whether the last backup was successful after or before you removed the texts. You can be sure of recovery if the previous backup occurred before the text deletion.
  6. The next step is for you to factory reset the iPhone. You can find this setting in “Settings App > General > Reset > Erase all Content.”
  7. Once this process is complete, proceed to log into your iCloud account.
  8. Access the backup data on your account, and the text messages should now be available on your device. 

restore deleted texts on iphone

Use Cocospy to Read Deleted Text Messages 

Spy apps are your next best option for accessing deleted text messages. However, these SMS tracking apps have to be available on your device before the text deletion occurs. Cocospy works by keeping a record of all text messages received and sent from a particular device. Here’s how you can use  Cocospy  to retrieve deleted texts on iPhone:

  1. Visit the Cocospy website.
  2. Create a user account (The free version is not fully featured).
  3. Integrate the device with the target application (Does not require jailbreaking).
  4. Once the verification process is complete, the app should start taking periodical stores of specific data from the target device.
  5. Access your user profile using your preferred device (remember that this only works when you install the app ahead of time.)

cocospy iphone deleted text message recovery

A good thing about Cocospy is that you can use it for a wide variety of other activities, like monitoring WhatsApp, reading Tinder messages, among other things. Check out our expert-vetted Cocospy review here.

Recover Messages on iPhone with iTunes 

While Apple recently phased out the iTunes software, it still works! Plus, the app works as the perfect data storage medium for your text messages. Best of all, the app is highly convenient to use. The steps involved to recover text messages on iPhone with iTunes include: 

To retrieve deleted iPhone messages with iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer you use and wait for the iTunes apps to pop up. 
  2. Then, click on the phone icon.
  3. You should now have access to the data the iTunes app synced from your device.
  4. Click on “Sync to Device” and wait for the app to restore your SMS data. 

how to reciver deleted text message on iTunes

Contact Your Phone Carrier for Android and iPhone Text Recovery 

While this option should not be your first option, it’s still a powerful solution for recovering deleted phone messages. You should be aware that your phone carrier probably has a store of your communication records and other data. The only challenge for you is that they can never release such information with verification procedures.

The only exception would be when the data relates to a criminal investigation. Phone carriers have several laws regarding the handling of sensitive user data as it can be prone to illegal access. For you to access such data, you might have to go through an identity verification process.

Most phone carriers have dedicated messaging apps, and you can back them up to cloud platforms. A good example would be Verizon Messages, which often backs up user data. The app can also sync your SMS data across different devices.

The makers of the app have also taken things to the next level, thanks to the availability of a web app and desktop software. These make it easy for you to access your synced SMS content from your preferred devices.  You can also opt for the AT&T Messages Backup & Sync function. 

Is It Possible to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

Yes, you can retrieve deleted text messages. However, the process involved in recovering the text messages depends on various factors, including:

  • The date of deletion as most phones overwrite deleted messages after a while. You will find it challenging to restore messages that you had lost several months ago.
  • The solution you opt for retrieving the messages also matters. If you plan on using software, go for a reputable service that won’t misuse your data.
  • Whether you are the original owner of the phone carrier. Most phone carrier services won’t give you access to SMS data until you provide proof of identity.
  • The frequency of data backups you make to online services. These include Google Drive, iCloud, and Spy Apps.


There are various helpful measures that you can use to retrieve deleted text messages from your Android or iOS device. However, the most important takeaway is that you should always enable backup and not have to worry in case something goes wrong. While preventing the issue is always best, sometimes things just happen. That’s why you should bookmark this article and receive immediate assistance if you accidentally delete those texts again. Read also about apps to get other peoples text messages!

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