The advance facility of Symlex Switch enables a VoIP Service Provider to manage in the most flexible way.

Rate Plan Management

  • Prefix wise Multiple rate plan management.
  • New rate plan creation by changing a specific amount (of % value) in existing plan.
  • TAX, Connection Fee, Disconnection Fee activation facility.
  • Block Shadow Billing facility.

Flexible & Advanced Routing

  • Prefix Based Group Routing.
  • Loss Less Routing (LLR).
  • Least Cost Routing(LCR) & Quality Base LCR routing.
  • Traffic sharing or Percentage Base Routing.

Live Call Monitoring

  • Transparent monitoring system with detail and summery reports.
  • Active call list with detail and summary view with ASR / ACD Quality monitoring.
  • Advanced Real time call log monitoring facility.
  • Total calls monitoring.

Multilayer Security

  • 2FA authentication by integrating OTP device for admin and reseller access.
  • Set user wise role and build IP restriction (Firewall).
  • Auto block of user name and password for consecutive failed attempts.
  • White List or Black List of IP's to control who can send calls through the system.
  • Admin can trace all user's billing activities(information modified or deleted).

Analysis & Reporting

  • Dashboard monitoring.
  • Client & Carrier wise separate reporting panel.
  • Payments & Recharge history reports.
  • Client & destination wise profit-loss report.
  • Manual & automated invoice generation.

SMS and Email Based Alert System

  • System Alert for Unusual Disk, CPU, Memory Usage and Route Down.
  • Performance Alert for unusual ASR, ACD and Average PDD.
  • Each Route wise separate alert for unusual ASR, ACD and Average PDD.
  • Behavioral Alert for Unusual No. of Calls and Termination Gateway Down.
  • Alert for Unwanted Recharge, Low Balance, and Unauthorized User Access.

Call Simulator

  • Available route checking facility for a dialed number.
  • Routing Sequence and its status checking facility among available routes.
  • Call from any specific PIN of any level to check rate, route & balance issue.
  • Gateway and route quality checking facility.
  • Mailing facility of sending report to the vendor.

Client Management

  • Supports 4 types of clients (Reseller, Originating, Terminating and Both).
  • Supports 4 Level resellers and Commission Based or Rate Based resellers.
  • Supports both Prepaid and Postpaid payment.
  • Client wise separate IVR, currency and language management.
  • Client authentication by IP, Prefix and Caller ID.

DID Management

  • DID Extension and DID Hunting Number Management.
  • Personal DID Management with online DID Purchase Facility.
  • Supports Multiple currency.
  • DID Multiplexing & Direct Dialing or Speed Dials.
  • Most advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in Multiple Languages.

Payment Management

  • Supports major online Payment Gateways.
  • Currency conversion rate setting facility to adjust balance in billing automatically.
  • Clients can make payments at Bank and upload information in System for the admin.
  • Recharge Card generation facility to recharge end user/reseller/originating client's account.

Switch Modules

  • Switch Partitioning.
  • Reseller Partitioning.
  • Alternate Reseller Billing.
  • Calling Card Platform.
  • Call shop Platform.
  • Mobile Top Up Platform.

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