TheOneSpy Monitoring App: A Comprehensive Review in 2022

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical issues and multiple complaints from our users, we do NOT recommend using TheOneSpy app. Instead, we need to redirect you to mSpy.


TheOneSpy is a widely sought-after spy application catering to a diverse set of consumer interests and needs. It has been frequently used by parents for overseeing their children, and by partners to clandestinely monitor an unfaithful spouse’s mobile phone, and more.

What Purpose Does TheOneSpy Serve?

  1. Monitoring children: The first and most important use case for a computer monitoring software or spy app like TheOneSpy is to monitor your children under the age of 18. Parents often want to ensure that they’re not being bullied, are keeping the right company, are safe when they step out of the house, and aren’t excessively maximizing their screen time. TheOneSpy helps parents keep a check on all these aspects for their kids’ well-being.
  2. Employee monitoring: Employee monitoring, especially common for small business owners is another crucial way in which this monitoring software can be used. With features like GPS tracking, keylogging, screenshot capturing, and email monitoring, employers can ensure their employees are being as productive as possible during work hours. Further, they can also check to see if any of their employees are disclosing confidential information to someone outside the organization.
  3. Spying on a partner: Last but not least, spying on a partner or a spouse is another common way in which users utilize TheOneSpy. This especially comes in handy when someone suspects their partner of cheating on them, and features like social media monitoring, call control, screenshot capturing, and remote microphone activation can come in handy to catch them red-handed.

How Does TheOneSpy Work?

TheOneSpy is an exclusive monitoring app available solely for download from its own site and not freely accessible from the internet at large. The plentiful free spyware apps on the market can be both unreliable and detrimental to your device.

  1. Create a free account on TheOneSpy’s official website.
  2. Purchase a subscription to TheOneSpy from the official website and install the app on the target device.
  3. Start monitoring the device from the online dashboard.

Once the application is successfully installed on the device in question, you can utilize it to keep tabs on calls, messages, electronic mails, multimedia, keystrokes, and so forth. Each of these is achievable while the application is absolutely imperceivable on the device in question, meaning the user is consistently unaware of being kept under watch.

TheOneSpy Functional Features

Monitor cell phone activities with TheOneSpy

The TheOneSpy monitoring application provides a wide variety of capabilities that may be utilized to keep tabs on all activities on the phone in question. Key among them are:

  • Phone Call Monitoring: This is one of the key features of any spy app, and TheOneSpy does this rather well. The spy app gives you all the details of incoming and outgoing calls, such as dates and timestamps, call duration and frequency, and more. It also allows you to listen to live calls or record them to listen to them at a later time.
  • Browsing history monitoring: You may easily read the list of visited sites and block the harmful ones. The history of the search requests is also available, and you may find out the true interests of the person you’re tracking with this web app.
  • Track GPS location. This is another additional feature that makes the task of monitoring a target cell phone easier. TheOneSpy allows you to track GPS location of the target device in real time, and also gives you dates and timestamps for each location, accurate coordinates, and a link to track phone locations on the map. Further, it also offers a geofencing function with which you can set restrictions on where the target can go. If the target breaches these virtual boundaries, the app will give you an alert.
  • Remote options: This spy application allows you to remotely take pictures and listen to the surroundings of the target device by activating the microphone. Also, TheOneSpy offers some control (on/off, restart, remove) of the applications.
  • Managing media files: TheOneSpy also lets you monitor all the media files stored on the storage of the target device. This could include images, videos, audio files, and documents. You can view them via the dashboard, or download them to your computer to go through them at a later point in time.
  • Access to all messages: Use the app to spy on texts, monitor emails, SMS, and MMS. This option helps not only to read the minds and plans of the person you track but also to monitor trends: addresses, time, and frequency of messages.
  • Spying on social media. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Skype, Snapchat and other messengers are open for you with TheOneSpy. This spy application saves all the messages, media files, video chat details, and more from the target device onto its servers for you to access.
  • Keylogger: TheOneSpy also provides a rather accurate keylogger with which you can track all the keystrokes entered on the target device. It lets you into the mind of the user to see what they think or type, and also gives you access to passwords and OTPs or secret codes, so you can circumvent any two-factor authentication the user might have enabled.
  • Screenshot capturing: TheOneSpy also captures screenshots of the activities on the target device and saves them to the online dashboard. In several cases, the screen recording collection can be the evidence you need to validate your suspicions and catch a clever cheating spouse.
  • Monitoring emails: Last but not least, TheOneSpy monitoring software also lets you track the entire email history of the target device. This is a feature that can incredibly handy for small business owners in helping them prevent the leaking of trade secrets or confidential information. It also enables users to track all official communication to ensure quality.



First, it is important to note that this monitoring software offers three different package options, each specializing in a specific Operating System. Furthermore, the pricing details are provided below.


  • Monthly – $25 / month
  • Quarterly – $15 / month
  • Yearly – $6.25 / month


  • 1-Month License – $35
  • 3-Month License – $55
  • 6-Months License – $99

Pros and Cons

✅ Offers plenty of tracking features

✅ GPS tracker comes with geofencing

✅ Offers several remote features

✅ Has robust encrypted programming

❌ Requires jailbreaking for iPhones

❌ Several complaints about TheOneSpy support


The monitoring software, known as TheOneSpy, provides an extensive list of features that offer unique functionalities not found in competitor’s applications. Initially, TheOneSpy seems like a good investment. However, numerous customer complaints about the software’s glitchy performance and inadequate customer service support are valid reasons to explore the features of other monitoring applications, such as mSpy or uMobix.

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