How to View Secret Conversations on Facebook

Facebook is continually enhancing its security and developing new ways to keep its users’ messages secure. Facebook’s latest messaging feature is dubbed secret conversations which uses encryption to keep the details of the message secure or say they say! In this article, we will show multiple ways to hack secret conversations on Facebook.

What Are Secret Conversations on Facebook?

Secret conversations are a feature that Facebook has created that allows users to send and receive encrypted messages. Due to the encryption, these secret conversations can only be read by sender and receiver. Facebook has added this feature in an effort to create a secure environment and build trust among its users who want to avoid being spied on or having their conversations leaked.  

When using secret conversations on Facebook you send the following media: 

  • Text messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Voice messages

While secret conversations are protected by encryption, that does not mean they can’t be hacked! Check out how to read these hidden messages below.

How to View Secret Conversations on Facebook

Now you know how to access your own secret message folder on Facebook and start your own encrypted secret conversations let’s look at the two main methods of reading other people’s messages:

Logging Into a Person’s Facebook via Web or App

The first method of hacking secret conversations on Messenger is pretty straightforward. You simply log in to your target’s Facebook account and open their secret message folder. 

If you are using the web version of Facebook to view the secret conversations, follow these steps:

  1. Select the message icon in the top right corner
  2. Choose the “Message request” tab
  3. To make sure you see all secret conversations click “See filtered requests” to view hidden messages

view secret messenger conversations on desktop

If you are using the Facebook app to view secret conversations, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Messenger App
  2. Double-check you are on the home screen
  3. Click “People” and then Message requests to view secret conversations on Facebook
  4. To see further hidden messages click “See filtered requests” how to view secret conversations on facebook

While this technique is simple it relies on you knowing the person’s login details. If you have access to your target’s password then we recommend this method as it is fast, simple and free! However, if you don’t have the person’s login details don’t worry! We have another method that is just as effective.

Using 3rd Party Facebook Spying Apps

If you can’t log in to a person’s account you can still access their secret message folder on Facebook with the help of Facebook spy tools. Spy apps run in the background of a person’s device and log all of their activity so you can instantly read their messages, view who they are chatting with, and even listen in on their phone calls. To start using a spy app check out our reviews of the 3 best apps below!

To use a spying app to read secret Facebook conversations just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on your spying app’s site
  2. Install the spying app on your target’s phone (Don’t worry the app is hidden!)This can be done remotely on iOS devices by accessing iCloud.
  3. Login to your spy app account and instantly start viewing what your target is doing on Facebook!

The beauty of spy apps is that once you have installed them once on your target’s phone you can monitor all of your target’s online activity and never have to physically touch their device again!

What Are The Best Spy Apps To Hack Secret Conversations On Facebook?

While spying apps are an amazing invention many of them are ineffective and don’t allow you to read Facebook secret conversations. To ensure you can keep an eye on your family, friends or partner we have come up with a list of the best spy apps that all allow you to hack secret conversations on Messenger + a whole bunch of other useful features.

SpyBubble – Best App to View Secret Conversations on Facebook!

spybubble facebook conversation tracker

If you want to know how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing on Facebook then you need to try out SpyBubble now! SpyBubble doesn’t just allow you to view what your partner or child is up to on Facebook but it gives you total remote access, allowing you to send messages, friend requests, block accounts and everything you can imagine all while staying stealth! 

SpyBubble is jam-packed with a wide range of features that ensure you can comprehensively track someone and keep a close eye on what they are up to on and offline! Here are some of the most popular SpyBubble features: 

  • Remote monitoring of Facebook, Whatsapp, and more!
  • Record phone calls
  • View GPS coordinates
  • Check out Web browser history
  • Completely hidden!

To start using SpyBubble you simply download the hidden app onto your target’s phone and sync the app with your account. If the target has an Android you will have to physically install the app on the device but if they have an iOS device you can install the app remotely via iCloud. Once the app is installed you can view all of your target’s activity on the dashboard of your account!

SpyBubble Pricing

Once your 3-day free trial is up you can continue using SpyBubble by accessing one of the following packages:

  • 1 device – $24.95 per month
  • 5 devices – $49.95 per month

SpyBubble lets you view Facebook secret conversations on Android and iOS and with its stacked features you can ensure your partner and child are behaving when online. Start your free 3-day trial now and effortlessly monitor your loved ones!

mSpy – Track Every Conversation Imaginable!

mspy facebook conversation tracker

mSpy is a successful spy app that has been helping users monitor people’s Facebook messages, calls, and texts for over 10 years! mSpy continues to grow and now has over 1 million users from over 100 different countries. It lets you remotely spy on Facebook, so that the user never knows they’re being spied on.

This incredibly popular spy app gives you instant access to a person’s Facebook secret conversations and also comes with a bunch of other great features such as:

  • View every single Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram message!
  • Read text messages
  • Listen in on phone calls
  • See where your target is via GPS coordinates
  • Check out what websites your target has been visiting 
  • Operates in stealth mode!

mSpy is available on both iOS and Android and is specially designed to operate in the background so your target will never know you are watching them! This allows you to continue to read Facebook secret conversations undetected!

To start using mSpy all you need to do is create an account and install the app on your target’s phone (this can be done remotely via iCloud if your target has an iOS device). After installing the app simply log in to your mSpy account, open the dashboard, and view exactly what your target is up to on Facebook!

mSpy Pricing

mSpy does not offer a free trial but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. To access mSpy purchase one of these plans:

  • 1 month – $48.99
  • 3 months – $27.99 per month
  • 12 months – $11.66 per month

mSpy is a great all-around Facebook spy solution that is perfect if you are not the most technical person but want to quickly read someone’s secret conversations on Facebook. Try it out today and if you are not fully satisfied receive a 100% refund in the first 14 days!

Cocospy  – Simple to Use Spy App!

Cocospy is a highly rated spy app that has over 1 million users from countries all over the world. Thanks to its world-class keylogger technology Cocospy lets you peer into secret conversations on Facebook and make sure your children are safe and that your partner is being faithful. 

Cocospy comes with a range of features that you can use to closely monitor your target, including:

  • Track text messages on iphone and received messages on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram!
  • Record phone calls
  • Track GPS coordinates
  • View browser history 
  • Undetectable!

Cocospy Pricing

Cocospy currently does not offer a free trial but you can use the app by purchasing one of these plans:

  • 1 device – $9.99 per month on a 12-month plan
  • 3 devices – $69.99 per month on a 12-month plan

If you want to figure out how to read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone or find secret conversations on Facebook and take advantage of all kinds of monitoring features, then we recommend you try out Cocospy today!

How to See Your Secret Conversations on Messenger?

To see your secret conversations on Messenger on the web version click the message icon and then choose the message request tab. If you are using the Messenger app click people and then select message requests. To view all hidden messages, click see filtered requests.

How to View Deleted Secret Conversations on Messenger?

Unfortunately once a secret conversation on Messenger is deleted it can not be retrieved. However, if you are using a spy app this secret conversation will be logged on your spy app dashboard irrespective if the person deletes the conversation on their Facebook account.


Reading secret conversations on Facebook is simple thanks to SpyBubble! With SpyBubble you are able to instantly read all of your target’s secret conversations on Facebook + track their browser history, phone calls, and a whole lot more! Download this top-rated spy app and start your free 3-day trial now!

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