Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot?

Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot?

WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app, will serve as a gateway to millions of people worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the question, “Does WhatsApp notify of screenshots?” to provide the insight you desire. The main question, as of today, does not notify WhatsApp whenever someone takes a screenshot of their conversation.

It is important to understand that if you choose to send a screenshot of a conversation to another person, they will know that you have taken a screenshot.

In the upcoming segments, we will delve into similar situations, for example, taking screenshots of WhatsApp stories and discuss some secure methods of capturing screenshots without the knowledge of any user.

Can a User Get a Notification if You Capture a Screenshot of a WhatsApp Conversation?

If you’re under the impression that WhatsApp notifies chat participants when a screenshot is taken, you can put your concerns to rest. From our experiences, WhatsApp does not send out alerts when screenshots are captured, meaning you don’t have to give a second thought to grabbing a copy of any of your WhatsApp exchanges without warning anyone in the process.

Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Regarding the query of whether or not WhatsApp notifies you if you screenshot a story, the answer is negative. Unlike various other social media platforms, WhatsApp does not come equipped with the ability to alert users when somebody decides to snapshot their story. Effectively, this means that WhatsApp stories can be safely snatched without prompting the original poster.

Nevertheless, it is critical to acknowledge that distributing a screenshot of a story to the public still carries with it a number of caveats. If a third party by chance sets sights on your screenshot and chooses to share said screenshot with the original poster themselves, then the person whose story you have taken a screenshot of will come to the understanding that you have in fact documented their story without their consent. Furthermore, it is worth noting that WhatsApp informs users of who has cast their gaze upon their file. Consequently, if you are indeed linked up with the person with the story on their contact list and they become aware that you have checked out their file, then the potential of them connecting the dots and deducing that you snapped a screenshot isn’t far-fetched.

Safe Ways to Capture Screenshot Without Anyone Knowing

When it comes to capturing images on your screen without alerting others, there are a variety of techniques available to guarantee your privacy. This chapter delves into the best techniques to accomplish this undertaking without setting off any alerts, be they notifications or warnings. Find out also about top 7 WhatsApp spy apps in 2024.

These techniques, when employed, permit the user to take a screenshot surreptitiously and shield the privacy of both she or he and the other person who became engaged in the exchange. Let us examine these techniques differently to guarantee that whenever a capture of the computer’s screen is recorded, no one can find any indication.

Use Screen Recorder to ScreenShot WhatsApp Chat

Screen Recorder

From what we’ve seen, the way to take screenshots without raising any alerts seems to be using a screen recorder. This approach employs recording the screen as you navigate to your WhatsApp chat or anything else and then getting the desired screenshots from the temporarily created video. Here’s how.

  1. Install a reliable screen recording program on your device or use the built-in one.
  2. Open the app and set it to record the screen.
  3. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat or conversation you want to capture.
  4. Scroll through the chat while the screen recorder is running.
  5. Stop the screen recording once you have captured the desired content.
  6. Use a video editing tool or player to extract the screenshots from the recorded video.

Switch to Flight Mode

Flight Mode

An alternate and efficient way to covertly obtain a screenshot is to employ flight mode on your device. The knowledge of our very capable team of engineers and developers mentioned that this strategy works well because flight mode will cut off all network connections on your device, making it impossible to send any kind of notification during the screenshot process. If you decide to use, follow the instructions below attentively.

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat or conversation you want to screenshot.
  2. Activate flight mode on your device. The steps to enable flight mode may vary depending on your device’s operating system.
  3. Take the screenshot while your device is in flight mode.
  4. After capturing the screenshot, disable flight mode to restore network connectivity.

By adhering to these procedures, you will be able to take screenshots without alerting anyone or setting off any notifications within WhatsApp.


To sum up, WhatsApp users will not receive any notification when a conversation or story is screenshotted. It then follows that those screenshots can be taken without any special notices to pop up on the user’s device.

Although WhatsApp does not have in-built mechanisms designed to inform individuals that a screenshot has been taken, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that if ever screenshots are taken, this is done so responsibly and thoughtfully. It would be wise to take precautions first and assess all the possibilities and implications prior to sharing a screenshot with someone. Safe practices could mean using a screen recorder or turning on airplane mode, you can silence the function that often accompanies this kind of capturing action.

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