Hoverwatch Review 2023: What You Need to Know

Whether you want to keep track of your child’s online activities or catch your cheating partner, spy apps like Hoverwatch come in handy.

They let you track your target mobile phone’s activities like call logs, SMS texts, browsing history, and a lot more. Hoverwatch is one of the biggest spy apps with over a million users and 12 million installations. However, numbers aren’t everything – aspects like key features, pricing, ease of use, and undetectable monitoring matter more.

So, is the Hoverwatch app worth your consideration? This will review will give you the answers. This definitive Hoverwatch review will break down its performance in all the key aspects. Let’s get started.

What is Hoverwatch?


Hoverwatch is a parental control & spy app that lets you monitor anyone’s smartphone and computer activities secretly.

It lets you break into your partner’s messages, call logs, browsing searches, and so on. You can also track their real-time GPS location using it, as well as view their location history.

Since the Hoverwatch app only supports Android for smartphones, this spy app specializes in Android tracking. That’s why our review experts recommend this spy app for Android monitoring the most.

We’ve tested and reviewed various spying apps over the years. What sets Hoverwatch apart is that it offers screenshot-based information more, for a convenient tracking experience. Furthermore, Hoverwatch offers a range of monitoring features to help you thoroughly track your partner’s Android device.

What sets Hoverwatch apart is that it is a screenshot-based monitoring app. You’ll learn more about it in this detailed Hoverwatch review.

Do I Need Hoverwatch?

Are you wondering if you need Hoverwatch? Well, if any of the below uses relates to you, then a cell tracking app like Hoverwatch will probably add value to your life:

Monitoring Kids & Keeping Them Safe

Data reveals that children ages 8-12 spend 4-6 hours a day using digital devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc).

With kids spending a significant part of their day on their smartphones & computers, it becomes important for parents to monitor their online activities using a parental control app or a spy app.

Bullies, scammers, and explicit content are everywhere on the internet. Parental control apps are effective for parents to protect their children from the dark sides of the internet.  So, if you’re looking for a parental control app to protect your kid against the downsides of smartphones & the internet, Hoverwatch might come in handy.

Tracking Employees

A Pew Research Center survey of Americans shows that 8 out of 10 office workers use social media at work – with 98% of them using it personally.

To ensure the employees are being productive, employers are starting to monitor their employees’ corporate phones. If you’re a business owner who wants to find out if the employees are loyal to the business, a spy app like the Hoverwatch app is worth consideration.

Monitoring Your Partner

A survey on infidelity & honesty reveals that 46.1% of partners cheated in a relationship. Another important point to note is, only a few of the cheaters confess.

So, if you’re someone always wondering if your partner is stabbing you in the back, the Hoverwatch spy app might help in finding the truth.

How Does Hoverwatch App Work on the Target Device?

Are you curious about how Hoverwatch works? We’ve broken this down into three main steps –

Step 1: You sign up at Hoverwatch & pick a subscription plan.

In this step, you create a free account at Hoverwatch. Then, you pick a subscription plan for your needs. Alternatively, you can also sign up for a free trial.

Step 2: You install Hoverwatch on the target device.

Installing Hoverwatch on the target device is essential to use it. So, in this step, you’ll have to prepare the target phone for Hoverwatch installation and install it (we’ve laid down the instructions below).

The installation doesn’t take long. You’ll just have to borrow the target device for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: You start monitoring the target device with Hoverwatch!

Once you’ve installed Hoverwatch on the target device, it’ll be linked to your Hoverwatch dashboard. That’s it. You’ll now be able to look into your partner’s smartphone activities.

NOTE: Hoverwatch’s working on macOS and Windows platforms is almost the same.

Hoverwatch Compatibility

Among smartphones, the Hoverwatch app only supports Android devices. If you want to monitor an iPhone, use an alternative like mSpy instead.

Other than Android mobile devices, you can also monitor macOS and Windows computers & laptops using Hoverwatch.

Though Hoverwatch doesn’t support iPhone and other platforms like Kindle, it does offer frequent feature updates for the platforms it supports.

Operating System Minimum Version
Android Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
macOS macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
Windows Windows Vista & 7

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NOTE: Hoverwatch doesn’t require you to root the target Android phone to access most of its cell tracking features.

Hint: Rooting an Android phone is a tricky process used to attain privileged control over Android subsystems. But, it compromises the security of the phone.

Hoverwatch Key Features (for Android Devices)

All cell tracker apps come with a set of cell tracking features, like call logging, SMS tracking, browser history, etc.

Below is an overview of all the features of Hoverwatch for an Android mobile device.

Call Tracking & Call Recording#

Hoverwatch call tracking

Call logging and call recording are a highlight of the Hoverwatch cell phone tracker. It lets you view all your partner’s phone calls with contain details. So, you’ll know instantly if your partner frequently talks to someone for long.

Furthermore, it also breaks down the caller’s details like cell phone number, email address, and contact name for your convenience. Other than that, you can access their call history with detailed timestamps and categories of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

What sets Hoverwatch app’s call tracker apart is it also lets you monitor outgoing and incoming calls across social media platforms such as:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook

So, you’ll never miss out on incoming calls or outgoing phone calls with Hoverwatch’s call tracker.

Another main highlight of Hoverwatch spy app is its call recording feature. During testing, we found the call recording files to be clear. However, if you try to record your partner’s calls too often, their phone’s battery might start to drain faster and could also result in their overheating.

Another helpful feature of Hoverwatch’s call tracker is the quick-search bar that you can use to get to the target results quicker.

Browsing History

Hoverwatch browser history monitoring

Over 5.6 billion searches are made every day, with your partner possibly making some of them. Other than that, they may crawl several websites directly by entering their URL too.

Hoverwatch’s browser history tracker is designed to break down your partner’s smartphone internet history on your Hoverwatch control panel.

Unlike other monitoring apps we tested, Hoverwatch’s history tracker collects data from different browsers on the target device, rather than Google Chrome only.

Furthermore, it breaks down specific URLs your partner had visited with titles of the web pages. The specific URLs provide you with the exact page they visited – to avoid confusion as there’s a wide range of categories of pages on big blogs.

Other than that, it lists down the location history in a convenient list view. You can monitor them with respect to timestamps as well as use the search bar for quick navigation.

What’s exciting is Hoverwatch’s history tracker doesn’t require rooting. So, once you’ve installed it on the target device, you’re good to start monitoring it.

Social Media Tracking

Hoverwatch social media tracking

Scrolling through social media apps is one of the main uses of smartphones, nowadays. Though Hoverwatch’s social media tracker is not very versatile, it lets you track your partner’s or child’s social media activities across major platforms such as:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Viber
  • And a few others.

Hoverwatch lets you spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat texts. So, you’ll know who your partner talks to, frequently, and what their conversations are about.

Other than that, you can also view the attached multimedia files (photo, video, audio files, etc).

Since Hoverwatch uploads information from the target device to your dashboard, you can even monitor texts after they’re deleted. Downloading the attached files is another fun thing you can do with Hoverwatch.

Furthermore, Hoverwatch’s social media tracker also lets you monitor WhatsApp and Facebook calls of the target user. When it comes to Viber, you can track your partner’s Viber history.

Camera Access

One of the advanced features only a few spy software offer is camera tracking. Though Hoverwatch’s camera tracker is limited to front camera shots, it’s decent as it captures those shots secretly.

Compared to the other apps we tested, Hoverwatch’s camera tracker doesn’t cause the target device to notify the user their camera is being used.

However, note that using this feature of Hoverwatch requires the target device to be unlocked. So, you can only monitor their camera when they’re using the phone.

The shots captured through their camera are uploaded directly to your Hoverwatch dashboard. You can access them anytime and even download them on your device.

Using Hoverwatch’s camera tracker is effective in finding out whether your partner is loyal by having an overview of their surrounding. Moreover, the feature is also useful in catching a thief in case the smartphone has been snatched or stolen.

Calendar Tracking

In this digital era, many of us organize our lives on calendars by scheduling events, the setting reminds, and what not?

Hoverwatch’s calendar tracker allows you to intercept your partner’s calendar and:

  • Track their events & plans
  • To do list history
  • Monitor their appointments & reminders

One of the main highlights of the calendar feature is it’s enabled by default. So, you don’t have to configure calendar monitoring separately, when you install Hoverwatch on the target device.

Another marvelous stand of Hoverwatch is it doesn’t require root access for calendar monitoring, too.

SIM Card Replacement Alert

Are you wondering if your partner often switches SIM cards for secret conversations? Do you want to make sure they’re not stabbing you in the back?

If yes, the SIM replacement alert feature of Hoverwatch might come in handy. As the name suggests, it notifies you whenever a SIM card is replaced on the target device.

It also breaks down the details of the new SIM card installed on the phone. In our experience, this feature was not that accurate as the alerts were delayed.

Whichever SIM your partner replaces their original SIM card with, you can track its SMS & MMS messages as well as view the call logs.

One-Click Screenshots

Screenshots are the main highlight of Hoverwatch.

The monitoring app lets you capture screenshots on your partner’s phone anytime. You can even schedule them for your convenience and access them anytime from your dashboard.

Furthermore, as a hidden phone tracker, Hoverwatch captures screenshots secretly, so that the target phone user isn’t notified.

However, note that the screenshots feature is turned off by default, which is a downside. Anyway, you can turn it on right from your dashboard by:

  • Logging into your account.
  • Checking the “Periodic screenshots” box under Settings.
  • Setting time intervals for screenshots.

It’s that easy.

However, note that the screenshots are deleted automatically from your dashboard after 30 days.

SMS Tracking

Hoverwatch text message monitoring

Hoverwatch offers a powerful SMS tracker that lets you monitor:

  • All sent text messages on the target device.
  • All the received text messages.
  • Sender’s details.
  • Timestamps.

You can use the SMS tracker regardless of which SIM card your partner is currently using. Moreover, the quick search feature makes it easy to navigate through the list of messages your partner sent/received and view the one you’re looking for.

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GPS Location Tracking

GPS location tracking

Your partner being true about where they go is a sign of their loyalty. If you want to make sure your partner is loyal to you, you can use Hoverwatch’s location tracking to track their phone location.

Like other features of Hoverwatch, its GPS tracker is versatile and lets you monitor:

  • Real-time location.
  • Location history with timestamps.

Furthermore, the monitoring app offers a convenient map overview that makes it easy to spy on your partner’s GPS location without them knowing.

What sets Hoverwatch’s GPS tracker apart from the pack is you can track the target device’s location even if:

  • The GPS location is turned off on the target device.
  • The target device does not have an active internet.

Hoverwatch makes it possible is it communicates with the target device through cell phone towers and tracks its location.

However, note that we’ve experienced glitches when testing Hoverwatch’s GPS location tracker. There are delays in updating the location. Plus, the location is not 100% accurate – but enough to give you an estimate of where your partner is hanging out.

Contact Access

Address book access

Hoverwatch lets you monitor all the contacts on your partner’s phone and see if there’s a suspicious contact.

The app lists down the contacts in a convenient way -7 making it easy for you to:

  • Track contact’s phone number.
  • View the contact names.
  • View their main and work email addresses.

Furthermore, you can filter contacts with the quick search feature. Hoverwatch breaks down all the contacts into different categories:

  • SIM contacts
  • Phone contacts
  • WhatsApp contacts
  • Google account contacts

Hoverwatch Pricing

Below is an overview of Hoverwatch’s pricing for Windows, macOS, and Android:


As the image shows:

Hoverwatch pricing

  • All plans come with all cell monitoring features.
  • The longer you subscribe for, the less you pay.
  • The personal plan lets you track a single device only.

Note: Mobile Viewer is a Hoverwatch’s Android app that’s available with Professional and Business plans only. It lets you view your partner’s information right from an app.

Generally, you have to log into Hoverwatch’s control panel through a browser. This app is an alternative to that, for convenient tracking on a smartphone.

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How to Install Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch installation process


Hoverwatch’s installation process is essential for you to use it.

Whether you want to install Hoverwatch on an Android, a Windows, or a macOS device, below are the step-by-step instructions on to do that.

Installing Hoverwatch on Android

Installing Hoverwatch on an Android phone can take up to 10 minutes or more. So, make sure you borrow the target smartphone from the user for long enough.

And if you’re not sure, you’ll have to attain physical access to the monitored device.


  • A valid Hoverwatch account & subscription
  • Physical access to the target smartphone

Part 1: Purchase a Hoverwatch Subscription

You need a valid Hoverwatch subscription to use it.

1. Visit Hoverwatch’s official website and click “Sign Up Free”.

Hoverwatch sign up


2. Input a valid email address and set a password. Then, select “Sign Up Free”

Hoverwatch create account


3. You might receive a confirmation email to confirm that the email belongs to you.

4. Then, you’ll be asked to choose the device you want to monitor – select Android.

Choose target device


Hint: At this point, Hoverwatch provides you with detailed instructions on how to install it. However, our instructions are based on our experience.

Then, it’ll ask you to link the target device to your Hoverwatch dashboard. Here’s how you do it.

Part 2: Disable Play Protect on Target Android

Disabling Play Protect on the target smartphone is essential for a smooth Hoverwatch installation.

The reason? Well, Play Protect scans for malware apps every now and then. It often ends up blocking the apps that it finds suspicious. Hoverwatch could be one of them.

So, disabling Play Protect ensures it won’t interrupt Hoverwatch’s installation.

Here are the steps:

1. Open Play Store on the target smartphone.

Android Play Store


2. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner.

Select account


3. Tap Play Protect.

Tap Play Protect


4. Tap the gear icon on the top right corner.

Tap gear icon


5. Disable both options you see. So that:

  • Scan Apps With Play Protect – Disabled.
  • Improve Harmful App Detection – Disabled.

Disable Play Protect scanning


Part 3: Disable Play Store Notifications

The next step to disabling Play Protect on the target smartphone is blocking the Play Store notifications.

Why is this important?

Well, Play Store often notifies the user that Play Protect is turned off. It could give them a sign that someone has customized their device. So, disabling Play Store notifications helps with hidden spying.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open Settings app.

Open Settings


2. Go to App Manager.

Open app manager


3. Search for Play Store and tap on it.

Select Play Store


4. Head over to the notifications tab.

5. Select “Block all”.


Part 4: Download & Install Hoverwatch

This is where the game begins. You download Hoverwatch and install it in this step.

Follow the steps below to do that:

1. Open a web browser on the target phone (we recommend turning on the “Incognito” mode for secrecy).


2. Type in hoverwatch.com.


3. Sign into your account using your credentials.


4. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a downloading link under the “Download App” step on the page. Tap on this link to open it.


5. It will start downloading the Hoverwatch app on the target phone. Tap

“Open” once the downloading is complete.


6. If a popup comes up that says “Your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”, tap Settings.


7. Toggle “Allow from this source” to On.


8. Then, tap “Install” – it’ll initialize Hoverwatch installation.


Hint: Hoverwatch presents itself as a “Sync Service” app.

9. If another popup comes up, asking you to enable Play Protect, decline it.

10. Once the app is installed, tap “Open” to launch it.


Part 5: Configure Hoverwatch on the Target Phone

1. Once the app is opened, tap “Next”.


2. Then, select whose device you want to monitor with Hoverwatch.


3. Accept the license agreement.


4. Hoverwatch might ask for some permissions that are required for installation. Select “Allow” for them to proceed with the installation.


5. Then, turn on Accessibility Service.

6. Tap Ok to confirm.


7. It’ll take you to the Settings App. Tap Installed Apps.

8. Tap Sync Service (A.k.a Hoverwatch).


9. Toggle the button to On.

10. Tap “Allow” when it asks for complete control over the device.


12. Provide Hoverwatch with the permission of Access to Usage.


13. Turn on Overlay permission for Hoverwatch.


14. Turn on “Disable App Notifications”.


15. Disable battery optimization for the smooth working of Hoverwatch.


16. Lastly, activate the app by entering your credentials. Then, complete the configuration.

Part 6: Start Spying!

Now, head over to your Hoverwatch dashboard and wait for a few seconds. Once Hoverwatch fetches all the data from the target device, you’ll be able to monitor it right from your control panel.

Hoverwatch for Android Installation Guide

Hoverwatch Pros & Cons

Below is an overview of the advantages and downsides of Hoverwatch:


✔️ Easy & straightforward installation

✔️ Screenshot-based monitoring

✔️ Doesn’t require rooting for Android

✔️ Frequent information updates

✔️ All main features with the basic plan


❌ Lacks geofencing

❌ The keylogger costs extra

❌ A single device with the basic plan

Can You Use Hoverwatch on iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Hoverwatch on iPhone as it only supports Android smartphones.

One of the main reasons it doesn’t support iPhones is because it specializes in Android monitoring and dedicates its resources to bring out feature updates for the platforms it currently supports.

Other than that, spy software’s stealth mode is not that powerful on iPhones due to some OS limitations.

Can Hoverwatch Be Detected?

Hoverwatch is hidden spy software that cannot be detected. The app offers a stealth mode optimized for hidden tracking and works secretly in the background on the target device. It’s even optimized to stay hidden from anti-spyware apps.

Furthermore, to ensure the target user cannot detect Hoverwatch, the app lets you hide its icon from their phone. Other than that, it leaves no signs of tracking – it won’t even be in the list of installed apps on the target phone.

Is Hoverwatch Legit?

Hoverwatch is one of the most effective spying apps on the market. It lets you conveniently track the phone calls, SMS texts, GPS location, and browsing history of your kid or partner.

Moreover, it also offers advanced tracking features like screenshots, social media monitoring, and camera control.

Do I Need to Root My Phone to Use Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch doesn’t require you to root an Android phone to install it. Though rooting offers additional customization controls, you can use most of Hoverwatch’s features with a normal, non-rooted Android phone.

Also, note that if you do decide to root the phone, root the target phone only – not yours.

Is Hoverwatch Free?

Unfortunately, Hoverwatch is not free. All its Android, macOS, and Windows monitoring plans are paid. It does offer a 3-day free trial, however. But, that requires you to contact their support team.

Anyway, the free trial lets you access all the main features like SMS tracking, phone calls tracking, camera control, GPS tracking, and so on.

How Often Does Hoverwatch Update Data?

According to the testings by our review experts, the Hoverwatch updates all the data from the target device every 5 minutes. The GPS locations from the target phone are updated every 10 minutes for optimized battery usage.

If you can provide Hoverwatch with root access to the target Android phone, you can set it to update data even more frequently. However, that would cause it to drain the phone’s battery faster.

Final Verdict – Is Hoverwatch Worth Your Time?

Hoverwatch exceeded our expectations for Android monitoring. Its lack of iPhone support is of course a drawback. But, it has surely enabled Hoverwatch to beat many other spy apps in terms of Android spying.

The monitoring app offers an amazing value for money and barely requires rooting for even the advanced tracking features. Moreover, another major benefit of Hoverwatch is its user-friendly interface.

In short, Hoverwatch is your best bet if you’re concerned with tracking an Android device.


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