Top 6 SMS Trackers for iPhone That Work in 2023

Should you be in search of SMS monitoring, a little easy-to-use piece of software is what you’re after. It must not be packed with functions, just the essential ones. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find good text tracking software. In fact, a beginner may have trouble doing so. While many solutions in this field come with tons of features, it’s really hard to find a simple application that just works. Instead, smartphone trackers end up being all-in-one monitoring programs with dozens of unnecessary functions.

Now, we would like to give you some more details about the spy apps, which can be easily downloaded from the internet. This is the right time to give one of those free text message spy apps a try without having to install anything. On the list below, we have carefully prepared it for you. Have you been trying to find the best apps available online in order to carry out spying on text messages without access to the target phone? Due to the countless amount of different choices available on the market, you could be feeling overwhelmed and confused about which app to go with. After running numerous tests and weighing all the options, we are proud to present you with the 6 best trackers for SMS on iPhone:

  1. mSpy
  2. uMobix
  3. SpyBubble
  4. Eyezy
  5. Bark
  6. Gizmoquip

How Do Tracking Apps for iPhone Work?

The functionality of tracking apps for iPhone is largely consistent across different applications. For Android devices, the process typically involves installing an APK file on the targeted smartphone, which may require knowledge of the lock screen code. On the other hand, if you possess the person’s iCloud credentials, you can proceed without installation or physical access, unless two-factor authentication (2FA) is active. Once the setup is complete, remote monitoring becomes feasible. While certain apps in the market might necessitate jailbreaking or rooting, that’s a separate matter.

After you have signed into your user profile, you are able to supervise a multitude of actions on the device you are keeping an eye on. This selection ranges from phone call records, text message tracking, tracking of interactions on social networks, as well as keeping track of the browser history, capturing of typed words, multimedia contents, surrounding sound recording, and much more.

Finding a free iPhone SMS tracker is an excellent stroke of luck since it allows you to try out the software’s features before making a purchase. Some of the GPS tracking tools we review in our article offer a trial period, so keep an eye out for them.

mSpy: Ultimate SMS Tracker App

An iPhone device monitoring solution, mSpy, is a great SMS tracker. Essentially, this SMS tracker is anchored on an iPhone spying application built to help parents monitor their kids’ or workers monitor their employee’s iPhone activities. The website is easy to navigate, and the people behind mSpy allow people to purchase the product within minutes. All you need to do is to fill the email and other prompts—it is easy enough, but I liked the fact they allowed me to jump out if I had any questions. Just as with WhatsApp, if you can see the message, you will be able to recognize and act upon it both for the sender and for the receiver. We will look at the iPhones in just a moment.

mSpy interface

If you have any doubts about whether this best SMS tracker is right for you, you can try out the free demo on the company’s website. The installation process is quite simple and uncomplicated. To monitor the messages a person sends and receives all you have to do is:

  1. Go to mSpy’s website and sign up for an account
  2. Choose a suitable subscription plan
  3. Follow the installation instructions received in your inbox to set up the target device
  4. Log into your mSpy account on their website and start tracking their messages

You have the ability to track every incoming and outgoing message, plus view deleted messages with ease.

  • Monitor iMessages and SMS;
  • Listen to calls;
  • View hidden photos and other multimedia files;
  • See website history from a dedicated control panel;
  • Monitor social media accounts: view private profiles, access any chat.

When it comes to prices, they go as follows:

Basic (1 month) Premium (1 month) Premium (3 months) Premium (12 months)
$29.99 / month $29.99 / month $39.99 / month $16.66 / month

Summary: This surveillance application provides two options for purchase—ones with and without the need for a jailbreak. The company also offers an extremely fair refund policy, so that you can trust in their service without fear of losing your money to a faulty product. However, the only major drawback to the product is that it comes with a hefty price tag.

How to Setup mSpy SMS Tracker for iPhone Without Jailbreaking It

uMobix: Undetectable Text Monitoring

The uMobix program is ideal for iPhone text monitoring. The technology provides assistance to both parents who wish to keep an eye on their children and to spouses who have concerns about infidelity in their relationship.

After using this software, our team discovered that uMobix boasts a highly intuitive user interface, comprehensive capabilities, and is fully adaptable with the leading operating systems. Among the best of its tracking abilities your purchase comes with – be more astonished than ever with the likes of browser tracking and monitoring, location and position tracking, and a whole slew of social media platforms for us to monitor.

Using uMobix, you have the ability to remotely observe and inquire without being at risk. One common factor with many monitoring apps is that they do not support iMessage monitoring. However, with uMobix, you can read both iMessage and SMS messages. It takes the monitoring game to the next level, it can record the screen of the device you have targeted. This provides a user with a complete overview of the activities of the targeted phone.

uMobix works with both Android and iOS devices, and subscription plans are priced equally.

Basic Pro
$29.99 / month $59.99 / month

Summary: This app is outstanding because it doesn’t need rooting and the set-up process is easy. It serves a free demo, and its customer support is excellent. As far as prices are concerned, uMobix offers you value for your money arsenal.

SpyBubble: Powerful Monitoring Spyware

SpyBubble: Powerful Monitoring Spyware

SpyBubble is a parental accountability app intended for parental obligations, businessmen, and for the individuals who want instead to have an eye on the commerce matter of children and workers with due care and intention. It grants the user pleasant and helpful unique features in current cellphone and SIM chipset.

Based on our testing, we have established that the SpyBubble mobile app enables users to track both incoming and outgoing calls, and also the text messages, standing alongside other options that allow the owner to monitor social media activities and the personal location of the owner. The mobile app can also provide you with access to the files on the target phone Multimedia files are also easily accessible, their download would be enabled, with the main motive of letting the user know about the people, that the owner of the target phone is in touch with. They can see the media files that are exchanged. Images and videos that are stored on the device, can also be reviewed through this mobile application. Those who know about how this app works, have a powerful tool. This means using the SpyBubble app, they can remotely monitor the owner’s phone, without being caught, since the program works in the background of the mobile phone operating s

Personal Professional/ month
$24.95 / month $49.95 / month

Summary: SpyBubble is a type of monitoring program that has several functions for monitoring and tracking activities on smartphones. It’s convenient for parents, companies, or anyone who has permission to monitor someone else.

Eyezy: Phone Monitoring Software

Eyezy is a complete monitoring tool that has been crafted for tracking and analyzing the wide variety of computer and smartphone usage aspects. Eyezy is designed to provide individuals and organizations with the insight they need to better understand how their devices are being used and to assist them in optimizing productivity, increasing security, and maintaining a healthier digital lifestyle. It is available on both desktop and mobile platforms to cater to a wide spectrum of users and should not be missed as a valuable niche in your app arsenal.

Using Eyezy, you can track and record behavior like web access, software use, keylogging, and monitor periodic screenshots. It provides useful measurements, which helps users to define their habits, trends, and improvement prospects precisely. This covert spyware also alerts and informs you about predefined actions and occurrences, making it a must-have tool for anyone.

1 month 3 months 12 months
$47.99 / month $27.99 / month $9.99 / month

Summary: Our evaluation of this product indicates that Eyezy is a robust surveillance system that grants its users the power to observe and assess the usage of both computers and smartphones. With its wide-ranging characteristics and modifiable settings, Eyezy can yield meaningful conclusions and direct attention from users on welcoming productivity, abiding security, and sponsoring a salutary, cybernetic standard of living.

Bark: The Best Comprehensive Parental Control

The Bark is an all-in-one online safety solution. In addition to setting parental controls and filters, it also includes real-time alerts and tracking for all apps and social media platforms, as well as every text, email, and web search on your child’s mobile device.

Bark Review | Top Ten Reviews

Bark uses data analysis to pinpoint online perils like cyberbullying, explicit content, predators, and talk of depression or self-harm in emails, text messages, and chat. The app is designed to encourage adults and kids to talk about possible online hazards.

Bark Phone Bark Premium Bark Home Bark Jr
$49 / month $14 / month $6 / month $5 / month

Summary: Bark Monitoring Software emerges as a sophisticated parental control tool that is inherently designed to turn the tide in favor of parents and guardians as they proactively seek to shield their children from lurking online dangers. The app comes complete with exciting features that are not only cutting edge but also original. By using this app, parents have been ensured of the ability to monitor and receive alerts on what their children are doing online and that includes their activities on major social media platforms, messaging apps, email services and even on the web. Have a look at our own tests and evaluations of the products to discern for yourself whether you should dare give it a try to use and utilize thereafter.

Gizmoquip: Free Text Message Tracker for iPhone

Gizmoquip is the top free message tracking tool for iPhone gadgets. Even though it does not have as many sophisticated tracking features as mSpy, it is still an outstanding competitor if you are seeking simplicity.

While the app is promoted as a no-cost download, you can also choose to pay for a premium subscription that gives you access to additional features.

quizmoquip iPhone SMS tracker

Some noteworthy features include:

  • SMS monitoring
  • MMS monitoring
  • Social media messages
  • Accessing browsing history
  • Monitoring call logs and call history
  • Location tracking

Summary: The process of installation is fairly simple. Just set the app up on the specific gadget, start it up, and maintain the tracking. On the whole, for zero charge you’ve got actual value, although somewhat portentous abilities with making gravest difficulties do subsist.

How Can I Monitor My Child’s iPhone Text Messages?

As a concerned parent searching the web for a text message tracking app, you can put your worries to rest. mSpy is the perfect application for that purpose. Please be aware that there are two options to choose from to accomplish this: with and without jailbreaking. However, you will need the Apple ID of the target device to use the latter.

If you are a concerned parent who is searching online for an application that can easily trace text messages, then stop searching. mSpy is the cellular phone text monitor that will satisfy your needs!

The process of installing mSpy on your child’s iPhone is simple and can be completed in several easy steps:

Step 1. Visit the mSpy website and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

mspy payment

Step 2. Complete the purchase and create an mSpy account.

login mspy

Step 3. Follow the provided instructions to download and install the mSpy app on your child’s iPhone.

Step 4. Log in to your mSpy account and configure the monitoring settings according to your preferences.

After the installation process is finished, mSpy will immediately begin gathering information from your child’s iPhone and then broadcast it via your mSpy dashboard. It guarantees that all texts are organized in a transparent manner and can thus be analyzed by parents without any fuss.

Is SMS Tracker Free?

In summary, there is not a free text message tracker for the iPhone available. While some apps claim to be free, the reality is that they all come with a cost. In many cases, you may get a free trial for an app like mSpy, but if you want to continue using it, you will need to pay for that privilege.

If by chance, you do come across a seemingly free undetectable SMS tracker, know for certain that it is a fraudulent scheme aimed at tricking you and pilfering your data.

In conclusion, even if these applications are not scams, the functionality that users will receive pales in comparison to that of paid SMS applications. If you’re targeting iOS users, it is highly suggested that you utilize paid applications.

What Is the Best Free App to Spy on iPhone Text Messages?

One of the higher-ranking SMS tracker applications as previously mentioned to spy on iPhone users without jailbreaking their device is mSpy. This SMS tracker application stands out from all the rest, offering a variety of features that will ultimately help you in numerous aspects of your everyday life. Its SMS tracking is second to none as it is able to track the flow of both incoming and outgoing messages, as well as any that remain unsent, in real-time. Also, potential customers have the option of trying a free demo before purchasing a monthly subscription.

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