How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone

You don’t need to give us a reason for why you want to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. We understand to a large extent. Finding true love in this present time is probably more difficult than dodging a bullet or sitting on a straw. So if you have one, you want to ensure no one is trying to take him from you.

That is one of the possible reasons you are scouring web pages searching for how to go through your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. Whatever your reason, you should know that reading this article is your Eureka moment. This article discusses some of the best apps to spy on your boyfriend’s phone and how to use them.

Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

Spying on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it sounds impossible.  It’s not even possible to check yours without touching, not to talk of another person’s. But what if there was a way to get remote access to your boyfriend’s phone? What if you discovered a trojan app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone? Would you like something like this?

Several apps allow people to monitor activities from a target device without being in contact with the device. In all our years of experience, the best one yet if you want to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing is SpyBubble.

For starters, SpyBubble is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. So you don’t have to look for iPhone spy app because your boyfriend uses an Apple. SpyBubble can be installed on all kinds of devices and has some fantastic features. With SpyBubble, you can;

  1. Spy on cell phone without access to phone by tracking your boyfriend’s calls and check his contacts.
  2. Read his text messages on SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging platforms.
  3. Follow his activities in the tinder with tinder tracker.
  4. Monitor his real-time location and check where he has been in the past.
  5. Check what he does on social media – who he talks to, posts he engages, messages he deletes, etc.
  6. He uses his phone’s camera and microphone to see what he’s doing, who’s with him, and where they’re staying.

Stalking your boyfriend or following him around is old school, SpyBubble is the game changer! And it doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. You can get a personal plan to monitor one device and a family plan to monitor up to five devices for $24.95 and $49.95, respectively.

SpyBubble app

How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Android Phone for Free

If you are looking for free cheating spouse app for android, one thing to know is that most free spy apps have limited features, and there will be many restrictions. It should be mentioned that there are a lot of interesting hidden Android spy apps. Considering the wide array of features SpyBubble offers, $24.95 is a small price for such freedom.

So the question to ask now is “how do I put spyware on my boyfriend’s phone?” Easy! You just have to follow these steps;

1. Visit the SpyBubble website.

SpyBubble website

2. Click on “Try Now” at the top.

3. Provide your email address to create an account.

Create SpyBubble account

4. Select the device you want to monitor (Android or iOS).

Select SpyBubble plan5. Choose your subscription.

Choose SpyBubble subscription

6. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation message with your SpyBubble login details.
7. You will also get a step-by-step process on how to install the spyware on your boyfriend’s phone and you can start spying.

Try SpyBubble

How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s iPhone Without Him Knowing

Are you still looking for how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone remotedly for free? It would be difficult (maybe almost impossible) to find an app to spy on your boyfriend for free. The tracking features are available, and you might be skeptical about paying for software and not getting what you expect.

However, SpyBubble has over a decade of experience testing and reiterating its software features. So if you are paying for SpyBubble, trust that you are getting nothing less than the best, and their services are worth every cent you pay.

So if you have been thinking SpyBubble is the right app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it for free, it isn’t. However, the following features are advantages SpyBubble has over other spy apps and valid reasons for paying for the premium.

  1. Real-time Tracking: SpyBubble updates the location of your target device every 5 minutes, so you keep track of their location.
  2. Compatibility: You can track your boyfriend’s Android and Apple devices with SpyBubble if he uses both. You don’t need to search for how to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone for free after finding one of the software that works only on Android devices.
  3. Quick and Easy Installation: If you have tried using a spy app before, you must have encountered the ones that take forever to install on the target device. It takes so long that your boyfriend has almost caught you in the act, and you don’t want to repeat that. If you are in these shoes or don’t want to be in them at all, SpyBubble’s installation process is for you. It is fast and can be installed in no time without any technical knowledge.
  4. Access to Deleted Data: Some of these men delete their chats and other traces of suspicious activities, but SpyBubble puts you one step ahead. With SpyBubble, you will get reports of files or chats that your boyfriend deleted before you viewed them. Interesting, yeah?
  5. More Value, Less Cost: SpyVBubble’s subscription price is the only thing that feels too good to be true but is actually true! The value you get as a subscriber outweighs the price you pay for the subscription when you utilize all features.

If you still need a trial to convince you, pay for a one-month subscription and witness the wonders in the SpyBubble universe.

Best Apps to Spy on Boyfriend

SpyBubble is undoubtedly the best app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. But that doesn’t absolve the fact that other spy apps are worthy of mention. Some of them include the following;

  1. SpyBubble
  2. uMobix
  3. mSpy

These spy apps also have a wide range of features and can satisfy your basic spy curiosity. However, if you want the best, you should choose the best and not anything less.

How Do I Put Spyware on My Boyfriend’s Phone

Installing a spware on your boyfriend’s phone does not take long. You can take the following steps to get started.

  1. First, you must visit SpyBubble’s website and subscribe to any plans.
  2. Once you pay for SpyBubble’s subscription, you will get a link to the registration email you used.
  3. Copy the link into your boyfriend’s phone and download the spyware.
  4. The installation process is simple and easy to follow. You’ll be done as soon as you start.
  5. Finally, SpyBubble will automatically delete all the installation files and other installation traces to prevent your boyfriend from finding out.


If you are looking for how to spy on your boyfriend’s Android phone for free, you might want software that promises to do that, but you will not get the kind of result you want. However, for a token, SpyBubble will give you full remote access to your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. The sky is red, water is colorless, and SpyBubble is the best!

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