How to View Text Messages Using IMEI for Free

Ever wondered if you can view text messages using an IMEI number for free? This guide is your answer. We unravel the mysteries around this concept, exploring step-by-step methods. Unleash the power of IMEI to keep track of messages without spending a penny!

The IMEI Number: What Is It and How Does It Work?

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The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device. This 15-digit number is essentially the device’s fingerprint, distinguishing it from millions of other devices around the world. The IMEI number is used by cellular networks to identify valid devices, thereby preventing a stolen phone from accessing the network, among other security purposes.

Now, how does the IMEI number work? Every time you make a call or send a text message, your IMEI number is transmitted and recorded by your service provider. This helps the provider keep track of your device’s activity, including its location. Even if the SIM card is changed, the IMEI remains the same as it is hardwired into the device, providing a consistent method to track text messages on iphone or monitor the device’s activity. This unique feature of the IMEI number forms the basis for its use in text message retrieval, which we’ll delve deeper into in the following sections.

Is it possible to view someone’s text messages for free using their IMEI number?

While the concept may sound intriguing, it’s important to clarify that it’s not possible to view someone else’s text messages for free using their IMEI number. In fact, ethical and legal boundaries prevent this from happening without the express permission of the device owner. The IMEI number, while uniquely identifying the device, doesn’t provide a direct portal to view its content, including text messages. 

To gain access to a device’s data, like text messages, using the IMEI code, you can use third-party applications to perform this procedure. These applications may not be free, but they offer a legitimate and reliable way to access text messages on a device, using the IMEI number as a reference.

How to View Text Messages Using IMEI for Free with mSpy


mSpy is one of the best spy apps that can help you to read text messages from another phone without them knowing using an IMEI number. Despite the costs associated with it, mSpy offers a comprehensive set of features that make it worth the investment. Here’s how you can use mSpy to view text messages:

  • Purchase and Install mSpy: Visit the mSpy website and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with the installation instructions. Follow the guide to install mSpy on the target device.
Choose plan mSpy
  • Setup: During installation, you’ll be asked to enter the IMEI number of the target device. This allows mSpy to uniquely identify and track the device.
  • Monitor Text Messages: Once the setup is complete, you can log into your mSpy control panel from any web browser. Here, you can navigate to the ‘Text Messages’ section to view all incoming and outgoing messages from the target device.
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mSpy is a leading mobile and computer monitoring software solution. It provides users with a wide array of features, from tracking calls and text messages to monitoring social media activity and browsing history. mSpy’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it an effective tool for individuals wanting to keep a protective eye on their children’s online activity or businesses ensuring company devices are used appropriately.

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Online tools to View Text Messages with IMEI Number

Several online tools have emerged in the digital space that also provide the ability to view text messages using an IMEI number. These tools offer different levels of features and user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options that can help you accomplish this task.



uMobix is another popular tool that allows you to view text messages using an IMEI number. Designed with a user-friendly interface, uMobix offers comprehensive monitoring features, including text message tracking, call logs, location tracking, and social media like Instagram activity monitoring.

Once installed on the target device (with the owner’s consent), uMobix begins tracking activity and transmitting data to a secure online account. You can access this account from any web browser, allowing you to view the target device’s text messages and other activities in real-time. Despite its vast capabilities, uMobix upholds a strong commitment to privacy, insisting on user consent and legal compliance.

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SpyBubble is yet another IMEI-based text message viewing tool that has gained popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness. This software is designed to deliver extensive monitoring features, including access to text messages, call logs, GPS location.

SpyBubble operates in stealth mode, meaning it runs inconspicuously in the background of the target device. Once installed, all data from the device is uploaded to a secure online account, accessible to you at any time from any browser.

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In conclusion, while there are various tools available for viewing text messages using an IMEI number, mSpy stands out as the best solution. Its seamless user interface, robust feature set, and strong commitment to user privacy make it the go-to choice. Whether you’re a concerned parent or a business owner, mSpy offers a reliable, ethical, and comprehensive approach to device monitoring.

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