LetMeSpy Spyware Giant Collapses! Hacker Erases Server Data and Shuts Down Operations!

LetMeSpy, a company from Poland, which produces software that has a function of spying announced that it ceases to exist after this happened. The company survived after the security breach. in June, someone attacked the database and successfully stole some data. But not only that, the information that was stolen, was systematically removed from the server of the company.

The Perilous Operations of LetMeSpy

LetMeSpy, notorious for its Android phone monitoring application, had the intention to do harm. The application was carefully developed to stay stealthily concealed on a target’s mobile device, making it an extremely challenging task to spot and uninstall. With the use of victims’ handset screen unlock passwords and self-initiated act of entering these passwords, implemented simultaneously between the LetMeSpy application setup and activation of monitoring, the abscond application could stealthily steal conversations, call logs and GPS location data periodically without the knowledge and consent of the victims.

The Final Blow

The recent security breach that completely debilitated LetMeSpy was the final death knell. The hacker not only invaded LetMeSpy’s repository but also exercised the extreme option of reduce to nothing by deleting all the data they stole. Because of this bold move, LetMeSpy was left helpless and unable to function.

LetMeSpy’s Confession

LetMeSpy has confirmed, in an official notice published on its website in both English and Polish, that it is permanently shutting down its spyware services. The company will be ceasing completely by the end of August. Those trying to sign in or create new accounts are instead met with a brick wall, signaling the closing moments of the dark reign of LetMeSpy.

TechCrunch’s Investigation

TechCrunch, a well-known media outlet specializing in technology, recently examined network activity and confirmed LetMeSpy’s non-operation. The once vigorous program, designed for spying, no longer gets the job done. And so ends the invasive snooping on thousands of unsuspecting people.

The Extent of the Damage

The nonprofit transparency organization DDoSecrets recently acquired and revealed to the public a collection of private and sensitive information belonging to LetMeSpy. This information included evidence that LetMeSpy had modified approximately 13,000 Android devices to function as secret tracking and surveillance systems. These devices were then used to track people, primarily those cheating on their partners.

Radeal’s Involvement

The database illuminated the origins of the spyware, pointing to a Krakow-based tech company called Radeal. Controversy enveloped Radeal as suspicions arose as to whether the company played a role in the development and dispersal of LetMeSpy. However, the CEO of Radeal, Rafal Lidwin, has been tight-lipped and evaded any discussion on the subject.

A Pattern of Closure

The downfall of LetMeSpy follows an alarming pattern of spyware corporations closing down after experiencing serious breaches of security. This not only puts the personal information of victims at risk but also endangers the true identities of those operating the spyware.


The incident with LetMeSpy highlights the constant need for increased online safety measures and data protection in our increasingly digital world. As technology continues to advance, it is essential for both people and companies to remain vigilant about safeguarding their privacy from potential threats. LetMeSpy shutting down should make everyone remember that cybersecurity must always be the first thing on their minds, and end-users have to make a real effort to safeguard sensitive information and gadgets from being accessed by someone unknown. By adopting strong security procedures and staying informed, we can work together to create a safer digital environment overall for people to work in.

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