How to Hack a Kik Account: Tested Hacks

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Are you searching for ways to hack someone’s Kik account? You might be a parent who is trying to monitor their children’s Kik messages. Or you may want to find out about some suspicious social media activities of someone you know, for example, your partner.

Whatever be the case, you will need to access their Kik account without letting that person know what you are up to. So for all those people who want to know how to hack someone’s Kik without them knowing, we have listed a few secure methods that are guaranteed to work.

What is Kik?

Kik messenger is known for its specific features that protect the user’s anonymity. While this is a good thing for the users, it does make it difficult for a person to hack a Kik account. However, with the methods that we are about to discuss, you can gain access to the target phone or device with much ease.

Kik messenger is known for its specific features that protect the user’s anonymity. While this is a good thing for the users, it does make it difficult for a person to hack a Kik account. However, with the methods that we are about to discuss, you can gain access to the target device with much ease.

Is It Possible To Hack A Person’s Kik Password & Account?

Numerous online tools claim to be capable of hacking someone’s Kik account, with keyloggers being the most popular among them. A keylogger is a specialized application that tracks all typed words on the targeted phone. To utilize this Kik hack tool, you need to install it on the target device, where it operates stealthily in the background.

After the keylogger is successfully installed on the target phone, you gain access to all their chats and even the password they use to log into their Kik account. Armed with this password, you can effortlessly and anonymously hack a Kik account on a mobile device.

Guaranteed Methods to Hack Into a Kik Account

Hacking a Kik Account With the uMobix Keylogger Application


The final method is the best of the three techniques we have mentioned to hack a Kik account and access someone’s personal information. The first method – resetting the password – requires that you must have access to the target user’ device or email. The second technique is not a spy app but an online tool, and there’s no guarantee that it will work for all Kik accounts.

Using the uMobix kik password hacker keylogger application as one of the best keyloggers is the most reliable method to get into someone’s Kik account. Of course, there’s a condition for it – you must be able to access that person’s phone for a mere 45 seconds. Here’s how this password hacker works.

Step 1: Borrow the phone of the person whose Kik messenger you plan to hack. Once you have their phone, download the uMobix app on their phone. It only takes a maximum of 45 seconds to download and install the app.

Step 2: Hide the app and its icon so that the person will never know that such an app exists on their device.

Step 3: Visit the uMobix website, purchase their service, and you will get a license key after you make the payment. Using this license key, you can activate the app.

Step 4: After you have activated the app, you can log in to your uMobix account from any device, be it a mobile phone, laptop, or PC.

Step 5: The uMobix mobile app has a keylogger feature. When your target person enters their login details on their Kik messenger, the keylogger will trace the keys that they pressed on their keyboard and will send the information to your account. This way, it will let you know about the target phone username and password, which you can use to hack Kik account without letting them know.

Use mSpy to Hack Into a Kik Account – The Top Kik Hacker for Android

Step 2: Ensure that you’ve chosen to have the app function in Stealth Mode if needed.

Step 3: With the app installed on the Android device, you’ll be able to track all their Kik conversations in real-time through the app’s online control panel or dashboard.

An important thing to note here is that mSpy also functions as a keylogger, so if you’re looking for a way to find someone’s Kik password, you can use the app to record all the keystrokes, such as when the user enters their Kik password while signing into the app. this can be a great way to gain access to their Kik chats.

The other features that mSpy offers apart from the ability to monitor social media apps include –

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls and call logs.
  • Monitor text messages sent to and from the target device.
  • Track real-time GPS locations and the ability to set up geofencing
  • Monitor phone media like images, video, music, and more
  • Use the keylogger to rack all keystrokes on the target device
  • Monitoring the browser history on the target device

NOTE: Using an app like mSpy to track someone’s smartphone without their consent is not recommended. Always ensure to consult your local laws to check for any regulations regarding the use of spy apps. However, using mSpy to monitor your child is completely legal.

Password Resetting

Reset password kik

If you are wondering how to get someone’s Kik password no survey, then one of the best ways to hack someone’s kik is to reset their password. Resetting someone’s Kik password cannot be technically considered as hacking. Still, we have included it as it is a direct way to gain access to someone’s Kik account. The steps to reset a person’s Kik password are explained below:

Step 1: Download the Kik app on your phone if you don’t already have it. Open the app and click on “forgot password” on the login page.

Step 2: A new page will open where you can enter the username. Add the username of the person who’s Kik account you wish to hack.

Step 3: After you enter the username, a Kik password reset link will be sent to the email address registered with the username.

Step 4: To reset the password, you need to have access to the person’s email account. If the person is someone close to you, then you may be able to access their phone and email, and open the password reset link email. Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to a new page where you can enter a new password for the Kik account.

NOTE: This is the easiest method to hack Kik accounts to read their Kik messages if you can access their email. But if you can’t, then it won’t be so useful.

Hacking Kik with ‘hackivo’ Online Tool

Hackivo Kik hack

Can you hack a Kik account? Well, yes, you can. All you would need is the ‘hackivo’ tool.  Here are the steps to hack a person’s Kik account with this Kik hack tool.

Step 1: Enter the URL in your web browser.

Step 2: A webpage will open up where you can enter the Kik username of the person whose account you want to hack.

Step 3: After you enter the Kik username, another page will ask you for your email id. A link will then be sent to your email that will provide you with the login details of the person’s Kik account whose account you are hacking.

NOTE: The downside of using this app to hack Kik is that there is no guarantee when it may work and when it may not.

Wrapping Up

To hack Kik is not a tough task with the methods mentioned above. We hope that you will find these techniques to be useful when trying to read someone’s Kik messages. However, we do advise you to use these methods with your discretion to ensure that you don’t get into any trouble.

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