ISpyoo Mobile Monitoring Software Review

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ISpyoo is known as a cell phone spyware application developed in 2010. In the course of time, the mobile stealth system has found a market engaging new customers thanks to useful features that help you always keep your eyes open and never miss out any detail. Parents, jealous spouses, and employers wonder whether the app is worth considering. However, they would count on the mobile phone spying with iSpyoo software rather than suspect everyone around.

The mobile phones and apps innovation makes possible to track everything you need. And collect information that must remain confidential and private. It indicates the approach and attitude to the solution of the potential problem or preventing from something wrong. Do you often think about your children’s location? Or current mobile device activities? In case you can hardly be close to them. Aside from this, industry experts point out other cases when the phone tracker could be very useful and suitable in the context of overall online control. In this review, we want to highlight these aspects and describe one of those spying applications called iSpyoo.

Why Do Customers Rely on the ISpyoo Spy App?

ispyoo screenshot on desktopIt is getting harder to hide anything from the iSpyoo cell phone spy app because of the list of available features that experts and ordinary people find very helpful. By using such a spy app, you can get access to a range of phone activities, listen to surroundings, get call details, know GPS location, view photos, and videos as well as social media files, and much more. There is no necessary to install complicated software to provide excellent monitoring.

  • Little kids and teens. Be aware of everything that goes down to your children and teenagers who may easily be involved in drugs usage or other illegal activity the parents try to prevent. You can track their calls and call logs, monitor text messages, track their GPS location, read their social media messages, and more.
  • Cheating spouses. Download your iSpyoo application for a free trial period in case of purchasing a license starting from 16.99$ per month and get free access to the number of features that are similar to the standard subscription package. Now, you can monitor the cheating numbers, make call recording and keep track of the activities, including the target phone menu, and track their exact location using this spy app.
  • Lazy employees. Many business owners face with this problem. Such staff members prefer to be busy with something else instead of carrying out their daily work. Take the measures by installing the iSpyoo stealth monitoring tool enabling to control incoming and outgoing traffic, record text messages through the SMS tracker, calls, view current GPS location and browsing history aside from other activity.
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Why is iSpyoo Mobile App Easy to Use?

Sign up to the customer’s iSpyoo control panel and receive logs on the activated account. Purchase the license and keep your personal data secured with no probability of being detected by the tracking person. Download the remote monitoring software on the target cell phone or tablet you want to control. It only takes a few minutes to have things completely done with no delays and technical issues users could face. The iSpyoo cell phone spy app is compatible with various Android and iPhone mobile versions. Log in and create your personal account to collect the data you need making regular reviews on the object’s phone. You will receive automatic notifications on the specified activities on a regular basis to help you be aware of every single detail in full.

Why Do Customers Find iSpyoo Monitoring Software Helpful?

woman speaking on the phoneISpyoo spy app has gained popularity due to the following features:

  • GPS location monitoring. This cell phone spy app provides current physical location and location history. You also receive alerts if the person you track visits specific areas.
  • Instant messengers’ monitoring. By using the system with a convenient account interface, you can spy Viber, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage as well as Skype and WhatsApp instant messaging chats.
  • Call history logs. Thanks to the spying tool, you will know everything about the calls, take the best from incoming calls restrictive measures, be able to record conversations in real-time, and receive logs about calls’ duration and other details.
  • Internet activity monitoring. View the full list of visited websites and related website bookmarks.
  • Surroundings tracking. There will be nothing hard to listen to phone surroundings using the live screen settings mode.
  • Multimedia files monitoring. Make reviews on photos and videos using the iSpyoo spy app with the information displayed on the screen indicating the current device’s performance.
  • Email and social media tracking. Clear up every detail by reading email and social media files, including Facebook and Twitter with posts and comments.
  • SMS Tracker. This app is also a decent SMS tracker. It gives you a log of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, along with the name of the contact or the phone number, and the timestamps for each.

iSpyoo Monitoring App Compatibility

ispyoo mobile spy deviceISpyoo software is easily compatible with Android, iPhone or other iOS devices. Take advantage of the latest version of this Android spy app. It enables customers to view text messages, call information, and other functions leaving no trace at all. As opposed to several competing spying sets such as mSpy, XNSPY, and several others, the online tracker has matured currently attracting more than 900000 customers around the globe with more than 20 valuable and powerful features available alongside advanced settings operating capability standing out in the continuing competition.

The system is considered to be among the top-ranked spying instruments for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. A data plan and good Internet connection are the only requirement to do it right. Uploading logs to your personal user’s account.

Pricing Policy

The company does its best to conduct the customer-oriented policy. You would be glad about especially when it comes to the flexible pricing policy of the iSpyoo mobile spy app. The Standard package is 16.99$ per month. While Premium costs 19.99$ and 22.99$ for the Gold account. Do not hesitate and examine this Android spy app entirely free for 48 hours.


Nobody knows what we are destined since the stealth tracking campaign is developing making significant steps. It is aimed at revealing of privacy aspects that somebody can hardly hide. But the major point is our aims. It is nothing wrong if people want to protect their kids or rid of unreliable employees. In this case, iSpyoo is very useful and beneficial being compatible with iPhone or Android phone. Probably, it has some drawbacks, but this spy app provides excellent spying options and satisfies thousands of users.

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