SpyBubble Review: Is It Worth Your Money in 2022?

The recent years have seen a lot of new spy apps enter the market, but not all of them end up being effective or reliable. People use these apps for various reasons, from monitoring their children to spying on their partners or spouses. As a result, one of the key boxes that these apps must tick is that they must be reliable and 100% undetectable.

One among these new apps is SpyBubble, which has been gaining a lot of traction recently. We thoroughly tested this app and bring you our assessment of its features, reliability, pricing, and compatibility in this SpyBubble review. 

What is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is a very comprehensive monitoring software that allows you to track a target in several ways via an easy-to-use interface and accurate reports. It consistently updates its servers with the inputs on the target device, giving you a record of all the activity on it. 

SpyBubble dashboard

The easy-to-use dashboard has different tabs for each type of app and monitoring. For example, you’ve got a separate tab to check all the call logs on the device, text messages, social media conversations, web browser activity, and so on. This makes it among the most effective parental control apps in the market today. 

What’s more, this software also goes above and beyond to give you information that you might not be aware of otherwise. For instance, it will also give you a record of all the contacts and images, and videos the target has deleted from their phones. This can come in very handy when you watch to catch a cheating girlfriend who routinely tries to destroy evidence of an affair.

Given that the software uses the latest technology, it consistently updates all activity to its servers in very short intervals. For example, it updates information on Android phones every 5 minutes, while it does, or on iOS devices as soon as it a backup is taken. 

Registering for SpyBubble

To use SpyBubble to track a device, you’ll have to ensure that you can physically access it for a short while. If you want to install it on an Android device, you will need access to it for a few minutes at the least. On the contrary, if you want to monitor an iOS device, you’ll only need the iCloud credentials, provided two-factor authentication is disabled on the target iPhone. 

Step 1: Open the SpyBubble website and click on Try Now. 

Step 2: Register with your email ID. 

Step 3: Choose the target device you want to monitor. You’ll see options for Android and iOS devices. 

Android Devices

To use SpyBubble, you’ll have to subscribe to the app. A three-month subscription, for example, will cost you £33.33 per month, which is comparatively less than what you pay for some of this app’s competitors. This is also a better package in terms of the value for money it offers, as buying the software for just one month will set you back $59.99 per month

iOS Devices

SoyBubble offers a wide range of tracking abilities on iOS devices. This includes access to all call logs, social media activity, web browser activity, and much more when you purchase the full package which costs $49.99 per month or $26.99 per month with a three-month subscription

Once you select the package you want to buy, enter your credit card or other billing detail and pay for the subscription. 

Setting Up SpyBubble

Android Devices

Once you purchase your subscription to SpyBubble for an Android device, you’ll receive an email from the company with instructions on how to install it. Open your email and then the installation wizard that you’ve been sent. 

Step 1: Once you receive the email, the first thing you need to do is prepare the target device to install the app. Go to the “Play Store” and click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner. 

Step 2: Click on “Play Protect” and then disable both the options that appear on the next page. These will be “Scan Apps with Play Protect” and “Improved harmful app detection.”

Step 3: The wizard you received in your email will contain a link that you’ll have to open on the target device. Once you have the link, enter it into any web browser on the target device in Incognito Mode and open the downloaded file. Then, click on “Install,” wait for it to finish, and then click on “Open.”

Step 4: With this, SpyBubble will be fully fictional on the target device. Once you accept all the necessary permissions for the app to monitor your device, it’ll be ready to use. 

Step 5: When you’re prompted to choose between the automatic setup procedure or the manual one, choose the latter. This way, you’ll have better control over all the permissions and settings and will also be able to activate stealth mode on the device to make it invisible. Further, ensure to select the option to “Prevent Uninstall” after you’ve granted all the permissions. 

Step 6: The last step is to verify the setup. Here, you’ll be able to select the option to run the app in Stealth Mode. You’ll have to use the code you received during the setup process and then click “Complete Registration.” With this, the app will be installed and fully functional, which means that you’ll be able to start monitoring it through the dashboard.  

iOS Devices

Installing SpyBubble on an iOS device is a much simpler process than doing so on an Android one. All you need is access to the target’s iCloud credentials, and you’ll be able to start monitoring. This means that you don’t technically have to install the app on the device. The iCloud credentials give you all the access you need. 

Note: If you have the device’s iCloud credentials, you won’t have to jailbreak iPhone to use the app. 

Here’s what you require to use a spy app for iOS: 

  • The target device’s iCloud credentials
  • A verified SpyBubble account and a subscription that you’ve purchased. 

Step 1: The first step is to create a SpyBubble account on the app’s website, select the option to monitor iOS devices, and then choose a subscription plan of your choice. Once you do so, enter your billing details and pay for it. 

Step 2: Next, enter the target device’s iCloud details on your SpyBubble account to start monitoring it. As you can see, this process is a lot more straightforward than that for Android devices. However, do note that you won’t need physical access to the device, provided two-factor authentication is disabled. If it isn’t, you’ll need to access the device to do so. Further, if it isn’t, the target device will receive a verification code to install the app, which might not be ideal if you’re trying to secretly install the app on the target’s device. 

CAUTION: Using a spy app to track someone without their consent is illegal. However, do check your local laws to find out the regulations related to the use of spy apps. 

Step 3: Once the setup process is complete, you’ll have to wait for a short while for all the data to be uploaded to the server. Remember that this will require a stable internet connection, so the lack of one might slow down or halt the process altogether. 

Once all the data has been uploaded, you can successfully start monitoring all the activity on the device through the app’s dashboard. 

Try SpyBubble

SpyBubble Features

SpyBubble offers a host of effectively monitoring features that give you complete access to all the information on the target device, regardless of its operating system. Given below are some of the most prominent ones. 

Monitor Call Logs

Monitor incoming and outgoing calls with SpyBubble

Monitoring phone calls is possibly the most basic feature of any spy app in the market, and SpyBubble does this rather well. It offers an excellent way to see who the target user is in contact with, how many times they speak to a particular person, and for how long.  

SpyBubble offers the following bits of information with its call tracking feature –

  • Call duration
  • Timestamps and dates for each call
  • Caller data such as name, phone numbers, and contact pictures.

However, one downside of the SpyBubble dashboard is that it doesn’t offer a search function to filter through the collected records, with the only method to navigate through them being the pagination buttons.

Contact List

It gives you complete access to the address book or the contact list on the target device too. This information is presented in the form of a list on the dashboard, making it easy to navigate through and find the name you’re looking for. This can be extremely handy for parents who want to see who their children are potentially in contact with, or for people who suspect that their partners are cheating on them. 

Web Browser History

Monitoring what children search for online and which websites they open can be a boon for parents who are worried about their children being exposed to too much at a young age. SpyBubble does a great job of updating the browsing history to its servers every 5 minutes, so you have complete insight into what they’re thinking and doing. 

The app will give you the following details about your child’s internet activities –

  • A list of all the URLs visited
  • URLs deleted from the web browser
  • Date and time at which the website was visited

SpyBubble supported web history monitoring on all major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

GPS Location

spyBubble GPS cell phone tracker app

SpyBubble also offers a very accurate GPS tracking function, which helps you find the device’s location at any given point in time. It works well even in the most crowded of locations, making it very effective. It also gives you a history of all the places the target visited. 

Further, you also get accurate dates and timestamps for each location logged. The map is also very detailed and gives you a street view, so you know exactly where your child is at any given point in time. You can also zoom in to get a clearer view of the app’s real time tracking. The only major downside here is that the app doesn’t offer a geofencing feature, so you can’t create virtual boundaries around certain areas you don’t want your child visiting. 

Media Files

SpyBubble gives you complete access to the media files like images and videos on the target device. In fact, it goes one step further by also giving you access to all deleted files on the device, so nothing stays hidden. 

Social Media Monitoring

SpyBubble Facebook messenger monitoring

With Spybubble, you can monitor the target’s activities on 20+ social media apps. These include WhatsApp spy, Viber, Kik, Tinder, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, and more. 

SpyBubble has a very interesting way of monitoring social media apps. When it comes to Facebook Messenger, for instance, the app takes screenshots of all the activities on the app, so you can actually see what they’re up to, rather than merely reading their texts in a list form.

Further, if the target phone is an iOs device, you can also get full access to the user’s Facebook account. You can add and remove friends, comment, remove comments, or even have conversations on the app remotely. However, one thing to remember is that the user will be able to see all these changes, so it must be used wisely if you don’t want them to know that they’re being monitored.

The same is possible for the target’s Instagram account, as the app gives you full access to it on an iOS phone. Android devices, on the other hand, will only support screenshotting rather than complete control over the app.

YouTube Scanner

This feature comes as a bit of a surprise in the latest update of the app. It provides an effective way to monitor what your child watches on YouTube, and with the help of the screenshot recording feature, you can keep track if they watch any age-inappropriate videos. 


SpyBubble keylogger

The keylogger is one of SpyBubble’s most important features as it allows you to track all the inputs made using the target phone’s keyboard. It uploads all of these inputs onto the dashboard in real time, and tells you which app they’ve been recorded from so you can see who they’re talking to on their phone.

Further, the keylogger also records all the text copied to the device’s clipboard, giving you even more information about their activities. As a result, you can use it to secretly get their passwords or secret codes.

Screenshot Reporting for Android Devices

This is yet another unique feature of SpyBubble. The app is designed to capture screenshots of all the activities on the target device which it uploads to its servers every minute. So, while all other apps let you track the activities on the target device, SpyBubble also gives you screenshots of all these, so you always have the information when you need it. 

The best part is that it covers all the activities on the target device and isn’t limited to just a few. 

Complete Facebook and Instagram Access on iOS

This is possibly the best feature of SpyBubble and is exclusive to iOS devices. The app gives you complete access to your child’s Facebook and Instagram accounts as if they’re your own. This helps you filter out the kind of pages and content your kids follow on these two social media platforms, monitor and remove any inappropriate or suspicious friends or followers, and more. In short, you have complete control over what kind of content they consume and who they talk to on these two apps. 

However, SpyBubble also warns you that all these activities are noticeable to the target user, so you must keep this in mind when you log into your child’s account and try filtering the content and followers. 

SpyBubble Compatibility

SpyBubble is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. However, if you’re in doubt, you can use their website to check whether a specific device is compatible. 

Check Compatibility

SpyBubble Pricing

SpyBubble Android pricing

SpyBubble comes with several packages that you can choose from depending on which your budget and the range of functionality you want. For example, it offers a one-month plan with the option for unlimited device changes for Androids. This will cost you $59.99 per month. On the other hand, if you subscribe to a three-month plan, the total cost per month comes down to $33.33 per month

SpyBubble iOS pricing

The same principle works for iOS devices – a one-month subscription will cost you $49.99, while a three-month plan will cost you $29.99 per month.

When compared to its rivals, SpyBubble comes in slightly cheaper. Further, some other apps offer a lack of choice when it comes to their plans, and you often have to purchase a year’s subscription (which can be expensive for some) or deal with limited features. 

User Experience and Pros and Cons

The app’s user experience is seamless. All the information is available in a manner that is easy to access, and the dashboard is a breeze to navigate through. Further, all the information is ordered chronologically, so it’s easy to understand. Their 24/7 customer service is exactly what it says – 24/7. Their team is quick to respond to any queries a user might have, making SpyBubble’s installation and usage a breeze.

✅ Several Unique Features

✅ Competitive Pricing

✅ Easy to Use Dashboard

✅ Accurate data tracking

✅ Flexible subscriptions

✅ 24/7 support

✅ No lag or bugs experienced

❌ Some features are limited to iOS, others to Android

❌ No geofencing to complement GPS tracking

❌ Can’t record the phone’s surroundings

Does SpyBubble Require Rooting?

The SpyBubble app doesn’t require the target Android device to be rooted. It runs advanced features like social media monitoring and others like call and text message monitoring, GPS tracking, and more.

Final Verdict

From all the information above, one thing you would’ve noticed is that SpyBubble offers several unique features for a comparatively lower price than its alternatives. This results in incredible value for your money. Features like a YouTube Scanner and the ability to control the target’s Facebook and Instagram are truly unique features that other spy apps don’t offer.

The app itself is widely compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers a very easy-to-use dashboard that makes it a piece of cake to access all the information. All the information is easy to access at your fingertips.

Further, the app doesn’t require jailbreaking iOS devices, which makes it easy to install if the target uses an iPhone. Further, if this is the case, you get the benefit of complete control over the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the target, which is only possible on iOS target devices.

Overall, the app is very reliable and makes for a great investment if you want to monitor everything your child does on their phones. It regularly updates information to its servers, so you’re never far behind what they’re up to.

While there are a few downsides, like the complete access to Facebook and Instagram being restricted to iOS devices, the inability set time controls for your child’s app usage, and the restriction of screenshot reporting to Android devices, the app itself is worth your money, and we strongly recommend you consider it if you’re in the market for a parental control tool.

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