Spyzie Review

Spyzie Review

This comprehensive review aims to shed light on every facet of Spyzie, from its basic functionalities to the nuances of its application. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a vigilant employer, or just someone keen on digital safety, understanding the capabilities and limitations of Spyzie is paramount. This article provides a thorough analysis of Spyzie’s features, cost and compatibility, among other aspects. Our goal is to offer you an in-depth and balanced perspective, enabling you to make an informed decision about using this monitoring tool in your personal or professional life. So, let’s embark on this journey to uncover all that Spyzie has to offer.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is a cell phone monitoring app by the trusted Supersoft Limited Company developers, used to track the activities on target devices. For example, parents can monitor data on the phones of their underage kids to keep them safe. Business owners, supervisors, and managers use this software to track the activities of their employees. Spouses keep their possibly cheating partners in check.

After installing this app on the target device, users can view crucial information like messages, browsing history, location, IM chats, call logs, and much more through their Spyzie account. Read this detailed Spyzie app review to find everything you need to know about Spyzie installation, prices, features, compatibility, and other essential info.

How Does Spyzie Work?

Spyzie is installed in the target smartphone’s memory. You need to note, though, that this app is not developed like other conventional apps, but rather based on modern technology: it binds itself to the device’s operating system since it is installed on a different partition of the storage memory.

With this feature, this app taps into the main processes like phone calls, messages, and other apps directly. This software also uses an internet connection, once it links these apps it can send the data it scans from the phone to your browser-based control panel.

Your target cannot detect it, making it safe to use. Even scanners and antivirus software cannot find this app, meaning they cannot affect its performance. You are the only person who can control it and check info anytime, anywhere.

The Spyzie app collects all data and keeps it safely on the cloud server. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a browser to access it. While you might need a computer to access that data, a smartphone will do just as good.

Spyzie Pros and Cons

To provide a balanced view, let’s explore the key advantages and limitations of using Spyzie.


  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Spyzie offers an extensive range of tracking features, from messages and call logs to social media and GPS location, making it a one-stop solution for various monitoring needs.
  • Stealth Operation: The app operates in complete stealth mode, ensuring that the target device’s user remains unaware of its presence, which is crucial for discreet monitoring.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, Spyzie’s dashboard is easy to navigate, even for those with minimal technical expertise, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


  • No iOS Support in Real-Time: While Spyzie offers support for iOS devices, it lacks real-time monitoring capabilities, which can be a significant limitation for some users.
  • Physical access to delete: You need one-time access to the target device to uninstall Spyzie
  • Internet Dependency: For most functionalities to work effectively, both the target device and the monitoring device need a stable internet connection, which might not always be feasible.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost?

How Much Does Spyzie Cost Android

Spyzie has special packages for both iOS devices and Android phones, with varying prices for both. In the image above, you can see what the pricing for Android devices is. The one-month Pro package costs $49 while the three-month package is $69. The one-month Ultimate version costs $59, and the three-month one is $79.

On the other hand, the pricing for iOS devices is given below.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost iOS

Spyzie’s pricing for iOS is higher than that for Android devices, but they also allow monitoring for a lot more devices. For instance, the Premium package that allows you to monitor one device will cost you $10.83 per month if you opt for a 12-month subscription. On the other hand, the Family plan costs $99.9 per month and allows you to monitor 5 devices at once, and the business plan Spyzie price is $399.99 per month while allowing you to monitor 25 devices.

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Refund Policy

Spyzie stands behind its service with a strong money-back guarantee. Regardless of the plan you choose, Spyzie offers a refund within seven days of purchase. If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, simply inform the manufacturer, and they will issue an unconditional refund. This policy underscores Spyzie’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in their product’s quality.

Payment Methods

When it comes to purchasing Spyzie, customers have access to a variety of payment methods. These options are designed to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of users globally. Due to our practical knowledge, the available payment methods include major credit cards, PayPal, and other widely accepted digital payment platforms, ensuring convenience and security in transactions.

What Can I Do With Spyzie?

Explore the multifaceted features of Spyzie, a tool designed to cater to a wide array of monitoring needs.

Call and SMS Tracking

Spyzie Call and SMS Tracking

Beyond just tracking call logs, Spyzie provides a detailed view of both incoming and outgoing calls, including call durations, timestamps, and contact information. Additionally, it allows for comprehensive SMS tracking, where users can read the content of sent and received messages, offering insights into communication patterns.

GPS Location Tracking

Spyzie GPS Location Tracking

Spyzie’s GPS tracking is not just about knowing the current location; it offers a continuous tracking feature, providing a historical log of locations visited. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of children or for employers monitoring the movement of company vehicles.

Social Media Monitoring

Spyzie Social Media Monitoring

The social media monitoring capability of Spyzie covers an extensive range of platforms. It not only allows viewing of messages and shared media but also gives insights into the user’s social interactions, liked posts, and the broader digital footprint on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Spyzie Keylogger

The keylogger feature in Spyzie is a powerful tool that captures every keystroke on the target device. This includes tracking of messages being typed, search queries, and even the login credentials entered. It’s an invaluable feature for understanding user behavior in depth.

Browsing History Tracking

Spyzie Browsing History Tracking

Spyzie’s browsing history tracker provides more than just a list of visited websites. It gives a comprehensive overview of the user’s online activities, including the frequency of visits to certain sites, time spent on each website, and bookmarks made, offering a complete picture of their internet usage.

Spyzie Compatibility

Like most spy apps, Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Spyzie is fully compatible with Android devices, requiring them to run on Android version 4.0 or higher. This compatibility ensures that Spyzie can be used on a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets. For Android, physical access to the device is necessary for installation, which involves a straightforward setup process.


Similarly, Spyzie is compatible with iOS devices, but they must be running iOS version 8 or higher. Unlike Android, Spyzie can be installed on iOS devices using the target’s iCloud credentials, making the installation process largely remote. However, it’s important to note that if the target iOS device has two-factor authentication enabled, physical access to the device may be required to obtain the OTP or secret code for installation.

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Is Spyzie Legit?

When it comes to digital monitoring solutions, legitimacy is a key concern. Spyzie stands as a legitimate monitoring tool, designed for lawful use. It operates within the legal framework when used for ethical monitoring purposes, such as parental control of minors or employer oversight of company-owned devices with employee consent. However, it is crucial for users to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding privacy and surveillance. Unauthorized use of Spyzie for invasive monitoring or without the consent of the individual being monitored can lead to legal consequences. Therefore, while Spyzie is a legitimate tool, its legitimacy in use depends on adherence to legal and ethical standards.

How to Use Spyzie – A Step-by-Step Guide

While this app is simple to use, it is powerful. First, you need to create your Spyzie account on the official website and then simply download the application. Note that you cannot get Spyzie from Google Play or App Store.

According to Spyzie reviews and our tests, the software is safe to download from the official site within mere seconds. Here are the steps you need to perform to install the app on the target smartphone –

  1. Go to the Spyzie website and click on the Sign up button to create a free account.
  2. You only need an email ID, then set up a password and click on Sign up again.
  3. You can proceed and login to your account through the Spyzie login portal.
  4. The next step after signing up is to fill in the name of your target, their age, and type of device.
  5. Now the site will commence setting up the software on the target phone. The Spyzie setup wizard will give you clear directions on what to do exactly.

Spyzie Android Installation

Setting up Spyzie on your target Android phone is almost as easy as on an iOS device. However, this method requires physical access. Here is what you need to do –

  1. Choose the Android operating system or type of device you are trying to target and press Next.
  2. Enable installation from unverified sources to reach the target Android device. Do this by going to Settings, then Security, and choose Toggle Unknown Sources to ON.
  3. Disable the Google Play Protect option by going to Settings, then Security and Google Play Protect.
  4. Snap Scan device for security threats to OFF.
  5. Now you can finally download the APK file and install the Spyzie app on the target phone.
  6. You should then launch it and link the application to the Spyzie account that you had created earlier.
  7. To allow permission requests, click on Grant. Doing this enables the Spyzie app to use every type of content on the target device.
  8. Finally, you can choose to keep or hide this app’s icon on the target device.
  9. To confirm that the setup of the app was successful on the device you are targeting, go to your control panel, and tap Complete. You will receive a message if everything ran smoothly.
  10. You can now click on Start monitoring. This step allows data of the target phone to sync to the Spyzie server.

Spyzie iOS Installation

The setup process for Spyzie on iOS is easy and can be done almost entirely remotely. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Create a Spyzie account and select the premium subscription once you register.
  2. Select iOS after entering the details. It will prompt you to specify the target’s iCloud credentials.
  3. Remember to activate the iCloud sync and backup features on the target iPhone. Otherwise, Spyzie might not work correctly.
  4. After linking your Spyzie account with the target iCloud account, sign in through the Spyzie dashboard page.
  5. Finally, go through all the data that this app collects from the target device.

Voilà! You don’t need to worry about getting caught, and it’s also not a must to have the target phone at hand to install the application.

How We Tested Spyzie

To provide an accurate and thorough review of Spyzie, we conducted a series of tests to evaluate its functionality, performance, and user experience. Our testing methodology involved:

  1. Installation and Setup: We installed Spyzie on multiple devices across different operating systems (Android and iOS) to assess the ease of installation and the initial setup process.
  2. Feature Evaluation: Each feature of Spyzie, including call and SMS tracking, GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, and others, was rigorously tested. We evaluated the accuracy of the data collected and the responsiveness of these features.
  3. User Interface and Experience: The ease of navigation within the Spyzie dashboard and the overall user experience were key aspects of our evaluation. We assessed how intuitive and user-friendly the interface is for someone without advanced technical knowledge.
  4. Performance Impact: We monitored the impact of Spyzie on the device’s performance, observing battery life, device speed, and overall stability to ensure that the app runs discreetly without significantly affecting the device’s performance.
  5. Customer Support and Resources: We evaluated the responsiveness and helpfulness of Spyzie’s customer support team. Additionally, we reviewed the available online resources, such as FAQs and guides, to determine the level of support offered to users.

Our comprehensive testing approach aimed to cover all aspects of Spyzie’s service, providing potential users with a well-rounded and detailed understanding of what to expect from this monitoring tool.


Our team of experts found that Spyzie used to be an excellent app for monitoring your child’s activities and tracking their movements. With this app, you could manage your target device remotely, thanks to its powerful tools. The dashboard boasts a minimalistic design and provides all the data from your target device, including their social media usage, browser history, and text messages. However, while it largely does a good job, certain features like the Spyzie call recorder did give us some issues.

That aside, one major advantage of this app is that it offers monitoring for multiple devices, especially for iOS target phones. making it a worthy choice for families and businesses.


Does Spyzie Really Work?

Yes, Spyzie works on all Android and iOS devices, and only you will know that the app has been installed on the target smartphone. The process is simple and safe and you can use it to spy on anyone.

Can Spyzie be Installed Remotely?

Yes, Spyzie can be installed remotely on an iOS device. All you need are the target’s iCloud credentials, and you can install the app on the device remotely without the user knowing about it.

Is Spyzie Free?

Spyzie is not a free app. It’s premium software that you need to pay for since there’s no Spyzie free trial. However, you can try it risk-free as it has a money-back guarantee. Should you not be satisfied with Spyzie, you can request a refund and get your money back.

Can Spyzie be Detected?

No. Your target cannot detect Spyzie if you are using it on a smartphone with iOS or an Android operating system. It is only you who will know about this app, therefore it’s safe to use.

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