Review of TheTruthSpy: Is It Worth Using?


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TheTruthSpy at a Glance

slide_4There are many spy application on the software market today. Some of them are free, other apps are available at the affordable price. There are also expensive apps, but at the same time, they provide many additional functions. TheTruthSpy is one of the most well-known mobile monitoring software. It makes it possible to control all phone and online activities such as calls, messages, GPS location, etc. This app is powerful and secure and this fact is proven by the many positive user reviews.

It’s important that TheTruthSpy is completely compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. So you will be able to control any Android phone or tablet as well as iPhone, iPod, iPad. The official website of the app provides convenient guides. You can find all details about using the app with different operating systems.

Why Should You Choose TheTruthSpy?

  • TheTruthSpy is the most reliable and powerful cell phone spyware;
  • The app provides many highly innovative features;
  • It works with all existing phones and it is able to spy on all networks;
  • With the help of TheTruthSpy you can control any device remotely and in the stealth mode;
  • Affordable pricing policy;
  • The app is quite easy to install and easy to use;
  • TheTruthSpy provides a 24/7 customer support so you can get help whenever you want.

Main Functions of TheTruthSpy

thetruthspyTheTruthSpy is the app which provides a complex set of useful monitoring features. It can give an opportunity to control every phone and online activity of the target phone.  The TheTruthSpy enables its subscriber to monitor:

  • GPS Location

TheTruthSpy tracks the current GPS location of the target phone or tablet. The GPS location will be displayed on the virtual map by your request immediately. So you can control your child’s movements and you can be sure that he doesn’t visit dangerous places;

  • Passwords

The keylogger is able to capture all words and symbol combinations which user types on target devices. With the help of this option you can know all passwords;

  • Phone Calls

You can track and control all phone calls (incoming and outgoing). You will know all details, for example, contact names, time logs, call duration, etc.;

  • SMS Messages

Monitor all sent, received and even deleted messages with the help of TheTruthSpy;

  • Social media activities

You can control activities on social media networks. You can monitor Facebook accounts and conversations, WhatsApp and Viber chats, media files that a person sent using social media;

  • Internet Activities

Use TheTruthSpy and you will be able to control the web browser history. You only need to sign in your control panel. There is also an option of blocking websites which you determine as forbidden;

  • Gallery and Multimedia Files

TheTruthSpy makes it possible to control all media files such as photos, videos, screenshots, voice recordings, etc.;

  • Notes, Events, and Reminders

You will get exact copies of all reminders, notes, and events. They will be sent to your personal control panel and you can view, control and manage them remotely from any device with the Internet connection;

  • Address Book

You can control all names and numbers that are stored in the address book on the target phone.

Additional Features of TheTruthSpy

thetruthspyAs you see, TheTruthSpy is the spy app which provides the full range of control monitoring features. Besides, it has many advantages and benefits which you will get if you choose TheTruthSpy.  Here are the main reasons why you should choose this app.

The app is 100% undetectable

TheTruthSpy works in the stealth mode and your kids or employees will not know if TheTruthSpy is on their phones. The software runs in the background of the operating system, that’s why it is undetectable.

Option of Auto-answer and Real-Time ambient listening

It is a spy call. It means that you will be able to make a phone call from your phone to the target iPhone or Android phone. Your call will be auto-answered and the user of the target phone will not notice it. You can listen to the surroundings.

Call Recording

The app gives the opportunity to record the phone conversation in the mode of hidden sound files. You will be able to choose phone number conversation with which should be recorded automatically. You can control who your child is talking with.

Control the apps which are used on the target phone

You will be able to control history of application usages on the target device. There is also an opportunity to block application you don’t want someone to use.


If you want to spy on any device without any difficulties and for the affordable price you should choose TheTruthSpy. It is one of the most reliable and powerful mobile spy application. It is perfect for parental control. You can also use it for monitoring your employees and spouse. It can give you easy but complete access to all information about activities of the target device. Choose the subscription plan, download and install the app. And voila! The target device is already in full view.

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