Review of TheTruthSpy: Is It Worth Using?


Many individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction after using the monitoring software TheTruthSpy. That is why this website does not advise spending your hard-earned money on this solution. Download, utilize, and receive the top-rated spying software or the most trusted tool available on the market: mSpy.

TheTruthSpy at a Glance


Currently, the software market is filled with a multitude of spy applications, some of which are free, others at an affordable price, and a few high-end apps for those willing to foot the bill for extra functions. Among the vast list of software, TheTruthSpy standout as one of the most popular mobile monitoring software options. It is fully capable of keeping track of all phone and online activity, such as calls, messages, GPS location, and so on. The app itself is powerful and secure, backed by endless streams of satisfied user reviews.

TheTruthSpy must be fully compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. You can control either Android phones or tablets or iPhone, iPod, iPad. The official website of TheTruthSpy will contain very convenient guides. Our guides are on call to help you navigate the app features with ease on each of these operating systems you can use.

Why Should You Choose TheTruthSpy?

  • TheTruthSpy is the most reliable and powerful cell phone spyware;
  • The app provides many highly innovative features;
  • It works with all existing phones and it is able to spy on all networks;
  • With the help of TheTruthSpy you can control any device remotely and in the stealth mode;
  • Affordable pricing policy;
  • The app is quite easy to install and easy to use;
  • TheTruthSpy provides a 24/7 customer support so you can get help whenever you want.

Main Functions of TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is a comprehensive mobile application that offers a wide range of practical surveillance capabilities, allowing the user to easily oversee virtually every phone and online activity on the target device. From inbox SMS texts to browsing history, TheTruthSpy covers a broad spectrum of information-gathering mechanisms.

  • GPS Location

TheTruthSpy monitors the present GPS location of the intended phone or tablet. With your immediate request, the GPS location will be shown on the online map. Therefore, you are able to supervise all your child’s steps and confirm that he or she is not coming to hazardous locations.

  • Passwords

The keylogger has the ability to record every word and symbol combination that a user types on a target device. This feature allows you to discover all of the user’s passwords.

  • Phone Calls

It is possible to monitor and manage any and all incoming and outgoing calls. You will be fully informed about each contact and have access to such important details as time records and call duration, among other things.

  • SMS Messages

Keep an eye on all messages sent, received, and even deleted, using TheTruthSpy’s helpful technology.

  • Social media activities

Monitoring and controlling social media activity is possible through remotely accessing the target’s Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber messages and multimedia files.

  • Internet Activities

By using TheTruthSpy, you’ll have the ability to monitor and control your targeted device’s web browser history. You can remotely sign in to your control panel to monitor the browsing activities. Additionally, you can block certain websites which you find inappropriate or not suitable!

  • Gallery and Multimedia Files

TheTruthSpy enables the management of all media content types, including photos, videos, screenshots, voice memos, and more.

  • Notes, Events, and Reminders

You will receive precise duplicates of all reminders, notes, and events. These will automatically be forwarded to your individual control board where you can examine, control, and govern them from any internet-enabled system from a distance.

  • Address Book

You have the capability to manage all the names and numbers saved in the phonebook of the intended mobile device.

Additional Features of TheTruthSpy


As you can observe, TheTruthSpy is the monitoring service with the full set of monitoring features. Furthermore, it contains many advantages and pros you will receive if you select TheTruthSpy software. These are the key reasons you should choose this excellent tool.

The app is 100% undetectable

TheTruthSpy operates surreptitiously, meaning your children or employees will be unaware that TheTruthSpy is on their mobile devices. The product functions as hidden within the operating system, so the user will not even know they have caught the spyware.

Option of Auto-answer and Real-Time ambient listening

This is a spy call. It allows you to place a phone call from your phone to a target iPhone or Android phone. The call will be automatically answered, without the target’s knowledge, and you’ll be able to listen in on any noises or conversations within the vicinity of the phone.

Call Recording

The application offers a chance to record phone conversations via covert sound files. Users can pick the particular phone number for the conversations to be automatically documented. This lets you monitor your child’s interactions over the phone.

Control the apps which are used on the target phone

You’ll have command over the history of apps on the targeted device and can also prevent the use of unspecified apps.


To easily and affordably spy on any device, TheTruthSpy is the superior choice. As a leading mobile spy application, it is both dependable and robust. Effective for parental control purposes, you can use it to guard against the unforeseen attacks… monitor your employees and spouse… You can easily have a complete picture of what the person you are monitoring is doing face-to-face. Choose a subscription plan. Download and install the app… and the target will appear.

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