6 Best Android Hacking Apps in 2023

Android is one of the best operating systems that is used by a large number of digital devices. Consequently, it is exciting for security researchers to always look for ways to improve and fix the system.

If you’re someone who’s enthusiastic about testing, ethical hacking, and forensics, then this list is a perfect match. This article will talk about Android apps that can be used for hacking purposes on Android devices. We will discuss the following best hacking Android apps and local network tools:

  • AndroRAT – a tool that allows you to take remote photos, send text messages, see phone call logs, and phone’s location
  • Zanti Mobile Penetration Testing Tool – network tools that are commonly used for security analysis, network mapping, sniffing, penetration testing, and port scanning
  • DroidSheep – used by security experts for intercepting WiFi network traffic. You can also use it to sniff social network accounts and WiFi network passwords.
  • WiFi Kill – A Wifi hacking app that works to disconnect every user on a WiFi network so that the hacker can enjoy all the bandwidth. This works on rooted devices.
  • WPS Connect – An Android hacking app that can be used to connect to WPS enabled WiFi networks.
  • Android NMap – a beginner-friendly tool that works on non-rooted Android devices.
  • Cocospy – a dedicated spy hacking app that can be used for hacking phones, Android spying, social media monitoring, location tracking, viewing phone media, etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s see what the best hacker software for Android phones is. Before we proceed, we want to emphasize that you should download hacking software for Android operating system at your own risk if you plan on trying any of these hacking tools.

AndroRAT: Best Hacking App for Rooted Android

AndroRAT is an abbreviation for Android Remote Administrative Tools. This open-source Android hacking app has been around for a while now, and it has been a popular choice among ethical hackers for extracting network information.

The whole purpose of this program is to provide you with system control access remotely so you would be able to remove information from the device. This is among the best free hacking apps for Android without the target phone. It allows you to see call logs, messages, and device location. You can also test out some remote functions, such as sending SMS messages, taking tiny images, and opening URLs.

Summary: We like this Android hacking app because it offers remote controls, unlike some other options on this list. However, it is not suitable for beginners.

Price: Free

Zanti Mobile Penetration Tester: Free Hacking App

Zanti Mobile Penetration Testing toolkit is a security testing platform that was developed by Zimperium. It is mostly used for network auditing and penetration testing, as the name suggests, but it also has some other applications.

Again, this is among the best hacking apps for rooted Android devices. Remember that this doesn’t work on non rooted devices. Researchers often use Zanti Mobile for detecting malicious code, mapping networks, network analysis, port discovery, sniffing, DoS, packet manipulation, package collection, MiTM for password recovery, and similar. IT security experts most commonly use this penetration testing platform. It’s similar to Kali Linux Nethunter and Metasploit Framework , but the difference is it is an android app. The whole point of this tool is to show researchers whether any network vulnerabilities should be addressed.

Summary: We recommend this because it can be used for a wide variety of great hacking techniques – DoS attacks, sniffing, network mapping, network analysis, WiFi network hacking, etc. And we love that it’s free. However, it requires root access to the mobile device, and reports can take ages to complete. Another great Android app for traffic sniffer we recommend is Shark for Root.

Pricing: Free

DroidSheep: Hacker Software for Android Phone

DroidSheep Guard is an Android device hacking toolkit that is one of the best in the market. It is widely used by security experts and IT security administrators for network security assessments.

DroidSheep Android Hacking App

It was created for security analytics purposes, but it has since expanded its scope of applications. DroidSheep offers a wide variety of options, such as web profile session hijacking. This software acts as a router that intercepts Wi Fi network traffic and web activity.

You can use this app to hack snapchat, hack fb account within minutes, sniff LinkedIn and Twitter, among others. It works by listening to data packets that are sent via WiFi network signals. Then, it extracts the session ID from the packets and reuses it later on. In general, it has excellent analysis functions.

Summary: We like this Android app because it allows to sniff social platform traffic (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). However, the user interface is complex, similar to Kali Linux Nethunter, which is why it might be challenging to navigate for users that aren’t computer security professionals.

Pricing: Free

WiFi Kill: Top Android Hacking App for Rooted Devices

WiFi Kill interface

WiFi Kill is a tool that allows a hacker to disconnect all the devices connected to a network to access all the bandwidth. It’s meant for rooted devices. What makes this Android hacking tool effective is that it allows the hacker to track what the other users on the internet are doing on their computers online. This gives them access to all passwords and other data.

As mentioned, you can use this app to track what people are browsing on their Android devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Additionally, it comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to operate.

Pricing: Free

WPS Connect: Free Android Hacking Tool

WPS Connect is an Android hacking app that uses the pin method to gain access to the target device. This is used to target WPS WiFi networks as they are prone to hacking by the pin method. This tool makes it easy even if you don’t know the password. The highlight of this tool is that it’s easy to use and effective.

Pricing: Free

Android NMap: Free Hacking App for Android Without Target Phone

NMap is a network mapper that falls under the category of best free hacking apps for Android device. This popular software solution can be used on both Android and Windows operating system. Also, it works on non rooted android devices.

This is a free, open-source network mapper that allows you to map devices and discover various hosts and services on an Android device. It does so by sending packets and analyzing the information it receives. This is a handy tool for hackers because it can deliver important information about network problems, which can later be used for advanced hacking activities.

Summary: We like this app because it’s free and that it works on both rooted devices and non-rooted devices. It is also available on Google Play Store where you can easily download and install it. However, this network mapper app is often blocked by antiviruses and firewalls because it can be recognized as a threat. This can result in the app not working correctly.

Pricing: Free

Cocospy: Best Hacking App for Android

Cocospy is one of the best Android hacking apps and it’s easy to use. Unlike other Android hacker apps on this list, Cocospy is, in fact, a spy app that gives you control over someone’s device, and is not an actual Android hacking tool.

This is an added benefit for the users because they don’t have to worry about the legalities surrounding the usage of these apps. You can use Cocospy to track and spy on a wide variety of activities, such as:

  • Location tracking
  • Kik hacking
  • Tracking social media accounts
  • Viewing Android phone media
  • Android application monitoring
  • Notification control

Bear in mind, though, that this is a paid app – it requires you to purchase a subscription plan. You can try out a free demo to check whether CocoSpy is a good fit for your needs. This app also offers a stealth mode, meaning that it can silently run in the background without being noticed.

Summary: We like this app because it offers the most comprehensive set of features – social media monitoring, location tracking, viewing phone media, etc. Moreover, it is less aggressive than other options in this article and it’s easy to use. A downside, though, is that it requires you to purchase a subscription plan.


  • Premium – $9.99 / month
  • Basic – $39.99 / month
  • Family – $69.99 / month

How to Secure Android Phone from Hackers

Now that you know which hacking apps are commonly used to hack Android phones let’s see how you can protect your devices.

Below, we will share some cybersecurity tips and tricks to ensure that your phone is always safe. If you’d like to learn how to secure your phone from hackers, then keep on reading.

Regularly Install OS Updates

Just as hackers are continually thinking of new approaches, software companies have to keep up to protect their customers. That is precisely why they frequently issue updates, both OS and app-based.

These updates usually contain security fixes and patches that ensure that your Android device can’t be exploited. For those reasons, never miss out on an important update.

Don’t Use a Public WiFi Network

The Public WiFi network is a fertile ground for hackers and scammers. Where they can gather information about connected devices to the public wiFi network. These free networks are connected to a large number of devices, which is why hackers like to exploit them.

Open WiFi connection is especially prone to security vulnerabilities, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL injection, brute force attacks, and intercepting packets. Furthermore, connecting to public WiFi also reveals MAC address to others on the same local network.

Unless you’re using a VPN, you should never connect use a public server connection.  Public WiFi networks have security loopholes that enable hackers to track IP information, log web sessions, and install any Android hacking application on the victim’s device.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

While multi-factor authentication is time-consuming because it requires an additional step before logging in or accessing your account, it is necessary to keep your phone safe.  2-FA makes it nearly impossible for hackers to access someone’s data, mainly when you use biometric authentication.

This step will add an extra layer of security and keep you safe from prying eyes.

Don’t Share Too Much Information on Social Networks

In today’s culture of oversharing, it’s easy to give out information. But are there any potential consequences? By oversharing on social platforms, you are exposing yourself to a considerable risk level, especially identity theft.

 Malicious actors can use your information to reset your password or gain access to your online accounts. Be careful when posting something – you never know who might see it.

Use Strong Passwords

This one goes without saying –  always create strong passwords. Hackers can crack a generic password in a matter of minutes. However, by introducing symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters, you are making things a lot harder for them. Strong passwords can take decades to crack, even with the most advanced software.

We recommend installing password managers – they will store all your passwords and help with generating new ones.

Use Security Software

You should know this by now, but if you don’t, let us reiterate –  always use antiviruses and VPNs to protect your data from hacking machines. These hacking tools are of great help when trying to protect your devices.

VPNs mask your phone’s IP address, while antiviruses keep it safe from malware.  This is especially important if you use a public WiFi network, which is a popular Android hacking medium. Finally, let us know in the comments which android hacking apps you liked or will try.

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