TeenSafe: Is This a Worthy Monitoring Solution for 2022?

In the sea of monitoring apps available in the market today, it can often get confusing about which one is most reliable and offers the best feature set for its price. One among these apps that are currently available is TeenSafe, and while this company suffered from a humiliating data leak a while back, we’ve decided to review it.

This guide dives into the app’s features, compatibility, pricing, and its pros and cons to help you decide if you should still put your money into it to use as a monitoring solution.

What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is marketed as a parental control/monitoring app that one can use to monitor their kids, parents, or spouses, and track all their activities on their smartphone. The TeenSafe app offers all the key features that you could possibly need, such as social media monitoring, monitoring phone calls, and text messages, tracking someone’s location on Google Maps, and so on. It also comes with a simple 3-step process to set up the app on the target device, so you can start monitoring the target device within a matter of minutes.

TeenSafe Compatibility

The TeenSafe parental control app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. So if your child or partner uses a smartphone running either of these platforms, you’re in luck. Given below are the minimum OS requirements for the app to run smoothly on both platforms.

  • Android – Version 4.0.3 and above
  • iOS – Any version of iOS

How Does TeenSafe Work?

Once the TeenSafe app is installed on the target Android or iOS device, you can use it to track a bunch of different activities with the app being completely invisible on the target device. For instance, you can monitor the following aspects through the app’s control panel –

  • Social media accounts
  • Text messages
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • GPS locations
  • Screen time
  • SIM card tracking
  • Browser history, and more.

TeenSafe Features

Phone Call Monitoring

Track phone calls with the TeenSafe app

People often spend a lot of time on phone calls, and as such, being able to monitor them, who they talk to, and for how long is crucial. TeenSafe ticks all these boxes with its phone call monitoring feature, while providing you with the following details for each entry –

  • Timestamps and dates for each call
  • Call duration
  • Phone numbers or contact names
  • Call frequency
  • An overview of all the call logs

Further, TeenSafe also allows you to record phone calls for you to listen to them later or intercept live calls to listen to them as they occur in real time.

Web Browser Monitoring

Monitor web browsing history using your TeenSafe account

Another key feature of the TeenSafe parental control app is its ability to monitor someone’s internet activities. The app supports all the major web browsers and gives you a complete overview of all of the target’s activities on the web. Given below are the various bits of information the app provides on its control panel –

  • A list of the website URLs
  • Visit frequency for each website
  • Dates and timestamps for each website visited
  • Bookmark history

Note, that the app doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the target device to monitor the target’s web browsing history.

Text Message Monitoring

TeenSafe monitoring for text messages

Monitoring text messages is another key feature that TeenSafe offers. You can track all of the target’s conversations via text messages 100% discreetly. It gives you an insight into the target’s communications and can come in handy when you want to be alerted of some emergency or want to catch your boyfriend cheating. Given below is everything this app’s SMS tracker shows you about the target’s text message communication –

  • All incoming and outgoing text messages and iMessages
  • Monitor all deleted texts and iMesssages
  • Dates and timestamp information for each text
  • Contact info such as the phone number or the contact name

Further, since most OTPs or secret codes are sent via text, TeenSafe also allows you to use this information to log into the target’s accounts even if they have two factor authentication enabled. Lastly, TeenSafe neatly organizes all the text conversations in a conversation view, making each chat easy to read through, as compared to a list view.

GPS Location Tracking

TeenSafe location tracking feature

Another key feature that TeenSafe offers is real time location tracking for the target Android or iOS device. This allows you to track the target to know where they are at all times. This can come in particularly handy if you want to ensure your child’s safety, or if you’re suspicious about where your partner might be going when they step out of the house. The GPS tracker of this app gives you the following information –

  • The exact GPS location
  • GPS coordinates and addresses visited
  • A Google Map link to view the target’s location

Another key addition to this app’s location tracking abilities is the presence of geofencing. This feature allows you to create virtual boundaries on the map that alert you when breached by the target. The app allows you to –

  • Add and remove fences
  • Exact timestamps for entry and exit into the marked zones
  • Setting custom (home/office) perimeters

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is possibly the one aspect that consumes most of a user’s screen time, and a as result, being able to monitor their chats and conversations on these platforms using the TeenSafe control panel is essential. TeenSafe allows you to monitor different social media apps depending on your subscription and the target device. Some of the apps that TeenSafe allows you to monitor include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Tinder, among others.

Facebook Monitoring 

Facecbook monitoring from TeenSafe control panel

With Facebook being one of the most common social media apps used, TeenSafe has made it easy for you to spy on all the target’s activities on this platform. Some of the information that the app provides includes –

  • Messages
  • Audio files
  • Images and videos
  • Documents
  • Dates and timestamps for each message or media file shared

Further, TeenSafe also ensures that you can monitor both the Full and Lite versions of the Facebook app, leaving no stone unturned. You also don’t have to root or jailbreak the device to monitor this app.

WhatsApp Monitoring 

Spy on WhatsApp with TeenSafe

Another social chat app that TeenSafe allows you to spy on is WhatsApp, especially since it’s among the largest channels of communication across iOS and Android users today. With TeenSafe installed on the target phone, you can get access to the following information when spying on WhatsApp –

  • Reading all private messages
  • Group messages
  • Sent or received media files like images, videos, audio files, or documents
  • Contact details like names or phone numbers.

How Much Does TeenSafe Cost?

The cost of purchasing TeenSafe will depend on how many devices you want to monitor, the OS of the target device (Android or iOS), and the number of devices you want to monitor.

TeenSafe for Android

Subscription Plan 1-Month Plan 3-Month Plan 1-Year Plan 
Basic $39.99 $49.99 $69.99
Premium $59.99 $69.99 $99.99
Family  $99.99 $119.99 $119.99

TeenSafe for iOS

Subscription Plan 1-Month Plan 3-Month Plan 1-Year Plan 
Family $99.99 $199.99 $399.99
Premium $49.99 $79.99 $129.999
Business  $199.99 $699.99 $999.99

How to Install TeenSafe on Android

The first thing to note about installing TeenSafe on Android is that you will require physical access to the target device to do so. Once this is taken care of, the process is rather simple, and can be encapsulated into three major steps –

Step 1: Sign up for a free account on the TeenSafe website.

Step 2: Download and install the app on the target device.

Step 3: Start monitoring the target Android phone from the TeenSafe control panel.

Sign Up For a Free TeenSafe Account

  1. Open the TeenSafe website and tap Sign Up Now to create a free account using your email ID and password.

Prepare the Android Device for the Installation

  1. Enter a name to identify the target, and select the target mobile device as Android.
  2. On the target Android phone, open Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and then tap OK.
  3. Go back to Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect > and disable the options that read Improve harmful app detection and Scan device for security threats.

Install TeenSafe on the Target Device

  1. Use the TeenSafe Android app link that you received while setting up your TeenSafe account.
  2. Follow the instructions to download the TeenSafe APK file.
  3. Once you launch the app, read the Privacy Policy and EULA and then tap Agree.
  4. Sign in with your TeenSsfe email ID and password.

Set Up the Target Device

App permissions to install TeenSafe

After you’ve signed in to your TeenSafe account, complete the setup wizard to finish the setup of the target device. Note, that it’s crucial that you give the app all the permissions it needs to function as intended.

The most important setting to enable is to select Hide the Application. Doing so will hide the app icon and prevent the user from finding out that they’re being monitored.

Start Monitoring the Device

With the app installed on the target device and set to be invisible, you can now start monitoring it discreetly from your dashboard. At the very outset, it’s normal to expect a few minutes for the data to start streaming in from the device to the dashboard for you to go through.

How to Install TeenSafe on iOS

Unlike the process of installing TeenSafe on Android, doing so on an iOS device doesn’t require you to physically access it. All you need is a Premium subscription for iOS and the target’s iCloud credentials.

Create a TeenSafe Account and Choose Your Subscription

Create a free TeenSafe account on the app’s website and choose from one of the three plans available for iOS spying.

Set Up the Target Device

Open the email you receive after purchasing the app, and then tap Start Monitoring to go to the app’s dashboard. While the data from the device starts streaming in, do the following –

  1. Enter the target’s name, age, and select iOS.
  2. For a non-jailbroken iPhone, enter the target’s iCloud credentials and then tap Verify.
  3. Select the iOS device that you want to monitor, whether it is an iPhone or an iPad.
  4. Once the installation is successful, tap Start and start monitoring the device.

Note, that you must enable iCloud backup and disable two factor authentication on the device to install the app without any hassles.

Pros and Cons

✅ Doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking

✅ Easy to install on both Android and iOS devices.

✅ 100% undetectable in Stealth Mode

✅ Offers SIM tracking on both Android and iOS

✅ Easy to use UI

❌ Both Android and iOS support different features

❌ Monitoring iOS devices requires iCloud credentials

Is TeenSafe Legit?

While the Teensafe app is legit, it isn’t the most preferred in the sea of spy apps, as compared to spy apps like mSpy or SpyBubble. While the app offers a lot of helpful features and an easy-to-use dashboard, several users have complained about the lack of communication from the customer support team, along with a few bugs on the app from time to time.

Final Verdict

As you’ve seen from our comprehensive TeenSafe review, the app is widely compatible, easy to install, and offers a bunch of different monitoring features. Further, it also gives you the option to monitor multiple devices depending on the subscription you choose, which some other apps miss out on. However, in terms of its overall reliability and customer support, which is a huge factor in the experience, we’d say that this app falls short. If you want a more well-rounded package, you’re better off choosing a spy app like mSpy, as we mentioned above.

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