The 7 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps for 2022

Track someone using GPS cell phone tracker

Are you curious about the possibility of discreetly installing a phone tracker to monitor a person’s whereabouts without their awareness? Can any applications help with this? What are the most effective instruments to follow the course of someone’s movement?

All of these inquiries can be answered by using a phone tracker app, as it is possible to monitor a cell phone. In the market, there are numerous types of apps of this nature, which can be downloaded from the iPhone and Android app stores. It’s worth noting, though, that some of these apps are not as effective as they claim to be. After subjecting them to continuous testing, we have prepared a list of the seven most effective phone tracker apps designed to help you pinpoint the location of a cell phone.

We’ll look at their effectiveness and what other capabilities they have in terms of monitoring. Continue reading for the complete list.

SpyBubble: Best Cell Phone GPS Tracker

spyBubble GPS cell phone tracker app

At the top of a list of the best GPS tracking applications, you will find SpyBubble. This is an all-encompassing monitoring application that not only allows you to remotely track the location of a cell phone using Google Maps but also offers a variety of other monitoring options. Here are the features that the phone monitoring program offers.

  • Address information
  • GPS coordinates
  • The target’s location on Google Maps
  • Location data and routes
  • Dates and timestamps for each entry,

Apart from all these features, SpyBubble also allows you to –

  • Track app activity
  • Monitor phone calls and text messages
  • Track all the keystrokes using the keylogger
  • Monitor social media chats
  • Monitor media files like photos and videos

mSpy: GPS Cell Phone Tracker Free App

mSpy cell phone tracker

mSpy is another great GPS cell phone tracker available online. This is a comprehensive GPS tracker and monitoring program that allows you to track the location of your target in real time. Below are all the features provided by this app’s GPS tracking capability –

  • Accurate coordinates of every location the target visits
  • The location of the target phone on Google Maps
  • The accuracy of each point in meters
  • Dates and timestamps for each location are logged.

Additionally, mSpy provides a practical geofencing function that enables you to establish virtual limits on a map that notifies you when they are crossed. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who care for children and would like to monitor them while they are outside and for people who have suspicions about the infidelities of their husbands, wives, or partners and prefer to monitor their cell phone activities.

Additionally, mSpy offers a variety of other important features including –

  • Browser history monitoring
  • Call logging and SMS monitoring
  • Keylogging and keyword tracking
  • Media files monitoring
  • Tracking social media chats, and more.

EyeZy: Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker

EyeZy cell phone tracking app

EyeZy is another efficient application to locate your cell phone. It grants you the ability to track the location of your friend or a family member in real-time with impressive accuracy. What sets EyeZy apart from the other mobile tracking apps is that, it’s easy to install and can track your phone beyond the boundaries of your country. Despite being so sophisticated, this app is free of charge, and so, anyone can use this app without any credit card information. If you don’t want to be followed during a particular day, you’re allowed to turn off EyeZy with just a single tap; and similarly, you can enable the tracking feature if you are ready to be followed again. Also, users are allowed to point out a daily location for an individual.

  • Eyezy gives you accurate location coordinates
  • A List View of all the addresses and a Map View with a Google Maps link.
  • the accuracy of each location in meters.
  • The date and time at which each location is recorded on the dashboard.

Other than its location tracking features, EyeZy can also –

  • Record all the activity on the target device in the form of screenshots
  • Monitor social media applications
  • Track calls and text messages
  • Monitor internet activity, and much more.

FlexiSpy: Powerful Cell Phone GPS Tracker

FlexiSpy location tracking

FlexiSpy is an incredibly potent surveillance tool that, should one wish, they can use to discreetly pinpoint a mobile device’s whereabouts. It’s utilized extensively in situations of parental guidance and workplace oversight, offering a variety of characteristics useful in these cases. The reason behind this application’s might is the multitude of operating systems it’s congruous with, including significant ones such as Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

This application provides several essential location-tracking specifics.

  • A log of the current and past locations
  • The location accuracy
  • Dates and timestamps for each entry
  • A Google Maps link for each location recorded

In addition, FlexiSpy also supplies a precise geofence attribute that can inform you when the object comes into it or departs a forbidden or limited area. Besides the mobile tracking location, FlexiSpy authorizes you to wield the utmost on everything another individual.

  • Phone calls and text messages
  • Keystrokes
  • Social media applications and media files shared on them
  • Media files stored on the device
  • Remote features like deactivating or uninstalling the software, photo and video taking, and app updates.

KidsGuard: GPS Tracker for Cell Phone

KidsGuard app to track cell phone

KidsGuard is an additional formidable application which can be utilized to follow a person’s travel record as it is happening. This application is functional with Windows personal computers, separate from iPhones along with Android devices. Jailbreaking or aligning doesn’t indicate any necessity for basic characteristics of the app which makes it simple to set up and operate. The GPS locating characteristic of the application functions effectively, providing for all of the recorded particulars.

  • A list view of all the locations
  • A link to OpenStreetMaps to track the target’s phone on a map
  • Timestamps for each location so you can track when the device was at a particular location.

KidsGuard, much like mSpy, additionally provides an impactful built-in functionality for geofencing. Users have the ability to set specialized times for a virtual wall to become active, receive email notices each time a perimeter is broken, and keep track of movements within a one-kilometer boundary.

Other characteristic components of this application encompass –

  • Remote features like call recording, screenshot capturing, and more.
  • Call and text message logging
  • Monitoring for social apps
  • Access to media files like pictures and videos stored on the device.

Third-Party Location Tracking Software

The different types of surveillance programs mentioned before presented a more robust process for monitoring, which includes much more than just monitoring the GPS location. The data processing covers various trafficking, like calls, texts, chats, internet surf details, and many more. Furthermore, there are a lot of additional third-party tools in the market accessible for that job, of course. The most obvious thing to do, however, is checking the location of the mobile phone. Accordingly, two of the top-rated samples that were created for this deed will be brought to your attention.

Phone GPS Tracker

phone gps tracker on android

The Phone GPS Tracker provides users with the ability to monitor the present position of any mobile device. With its easy-to-use features and geofencing capability, you’ll always know if your child or elderly family member goes outside a predetermined zone. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

  • Find a lost or stolen device
  • Track devices in real time and get alerts
  • Communicate between users
  • Add and receive tasks, and more.

In addition, the application includes a chat function that provides users with a way to converse with the tracked individual, whether they are a family member, one’s child, or even a significant other.

Life 360

Life 360 on iphone

The Life 360 app is an excellent tool for parents to keep an eye on their family members and track their locations. Your subscription to the app allows real-time tracking of all family members’ locations and is designed to be extremely easy to download and install. This app can be installed on iPhones on the Apple Store and is equally easy to install on Androids via the Play Store. Simply download the app, set up an invite-only family circle, subscribe at the tier of your choice, and you’re ready – the app is a breeze to use once you’ve gotten those simple tasks out of the way.

  • Allows users to share real-time location details with other users.
  • Notification and alert features when users come together in proximity.
  • Get summary information after every drive to ensure safe practices.
  • Track past routes, along with any stops made on the way for all family members.

Track Someone’s Android Device Using Find My Device

Find My Device tracker apps

In addition to the surveillance systems stated earlier, Android and iOS also supply their own inherent location-reporting capabilities. One of the features on Android-powered devices is known as the Find My Device. It is useful for to pinpoint lost or stolen telephones and may even force a remote lock or wipe if the owner is concerned the phone is in the wrong hands.

To locate a device using the application, please adhere to the guidelines enumerated below.

Step 1: Open on a web browser and log in using the target’s Google credentials

Step 2: Select the device you want to track, be it a phone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Step 3: The app will show you the device’s location on Google Maps, and also give you the option to ring it or erase it altogether if needed.

Nonetheless, if you are using this technique to secretly track someone’s location, it is important to be aware that the person you are trying to locate will be informed that you are attempting to ascertain their whereabouts. That said, for those who are interested in engaging in spying activities, it is recommended they look into using tracking systems like SpyBubble or mSpy, as these services are hidden from the user and do not provide any kind of notification once installed on the target device.

Use Find My to Track Their Location

Use Find my iPhone to hack an iPhone

Similar to how Find My Device functions as a pre-installed GPS locator for Android systems, its iOS counterpart peers back as Find My. Essentially, this program connects and syncs to iCloud to manage the search, lock, and/or wipe processes of any handheld Apple device under your name. To illustrate how you can demonstrate this white hat tactic, let’s use the classic tracking my lost phone scenario.

Step 1: Open the Find My app on your device or open on a web browser.

Step 2: Tap Devices or Items

Step 3: Select the device you want to track the location of, and you’ll see its last active location on the map. You can navigate to it if needed.

It’s important to emphasize once more that in handling agreement tracking to someone without their knowledge, you will need to know their iCloud credentials or have Family Sharing in order to do so. Also, the application will notify the user when the location is tracked.

How Can I Track a Cell Phone By GPS For Free?

If you want to find a cell phone location via GPS for free, then you can use an app like “Find My Device” or “Find My” on an Android or iOS device. These apps are made for locating lost or stolen phones. If you installed a monitoring or helper app such as mSpy, it would give you more options to track the phone. You could try it for a week to see how well it works; you can track locations and also what apps are used.

How Do I Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

The popular Google Maps spyware SpyBubble is an ideal tool for individuals looking to discreetly monitor the movements of an unsuspecting other on Google Maps. It is undoubtedly among the most effective universally available means of tracing a target person’s location through an Android or iOS interface, all in real time, and all for the minor inconvenience of engaging an online central control platform. Moreover, the operational stealth mode insures that the target remains completely oblivious to the constantly ongoing attempts to track them down.

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