The 7 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps for 2022

Track someone using GPS cell phone tracker

Are you wondering if there’s a way for you to put a tracker on a phone secretly and track someone’s location without them knowing? Is there an app that you can use for this? Which are the best tools available in the market to track someone’s location?

The answer to all these questions is that you can track a cell phone using a phone tracker app. There are several such apps available in the market, and also on the Android and iPhone app stores. However, not all of these apps are effective or reliable. As a part of our continuous testing, we’ve put together a list of the 7 best mobile phone tracker apps that you can sue to find a cell phone location.

We will examine how effective they are, along with what other features they offer in terms of their monitoring abilities. Read on for our detailed list.

SpyBubble: Best Cell Phone GPS Tracker

spyBubble GPS cell phone tracker app

The first on our list of the best GPS tracker apps is SpyBubble. This is a comprehensive monitoring app that allows you to track a cell phone location remotely on Google Maps, apart from offering a bunch of other monitoring options. Given below are the features that the GPS tracker of this mobile phone tracker offers –

  • Address information
  • GPS coordinates
  • The target’s location on Google Maps
  • Location data and routes
  • Dates and timestamps for each entry,

Apart from all these features, SpyBubble also allows you to –

  • Track app activity
  • Monitor phone calls and text messages
  • Track all the keystrokes using the keylogger
  • Monitor social media chats
  • Monitor media files like photos and videos

Download SpyBubble

mSpy: GPS Cell Phone Tracker Free App

mSpy cell phone tracker

Another fantastic GPS cell phone tracker online is mSpy. This is a feature-packed GPS tracker cum monitoring software that allows you to accurately track the target’s location in real-time. All the features that this app’s GPS tracking feature offer are listed below –

  • Accurate coordinates of every location the target visits
  • The location of the target phone on Google Maps
  • The accuracy of each point in meters
  • Dates and timestamps for each location are logged.

Further, mSpy also offers an effective geofencing feature that allows you to set virtual boundaries on the map that alert you whenever breached. This comes in very handy for parents who want to track kids when they’re outdoors, or for someone who suspects their partner or spouse is having an affair and want to track boyfriends cell phone.

Some of the other key features that mSpy offers include –

  • Browser history monitoring
  • Call logging and SMS monitoring
  • Keylogging and keyword tracking
  • Media files monitoring
  • Tracking social media chats, and more.

Download mSpy

EyeZy: Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker

EyeZy cell phone tracking app

Another effective app to track cell phone location is EyeZy. This app allows you for real time location tracking with a great deal of accuracy. This app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting, and is thus compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Given below are some of this app’s location tracking features –

  • Eyezy gives you accurate location coordinates
  • A List View of all the addresses and a Map View with a Google Maps link.
  • the accuracy of each location in meters.
  • The date and time at which each location is recorded on the dashboard.

Other than its location tracking features, EyeZy can also –

  • Record all the activity on the target device in the form of screenshots
  • Monitor social media applications
  • Track calls and text messages
  • Monitor internet activity, and much more.

Download EyeZy

FlexiSpy: Powerful Cell Phone GPS Tracker

FlexiSpy location tracking

FlexiSpy is an extremely powerful monitoring software that one can use if they want to secretly locate cell phone at any given point in time. This app is widely used for parental control purposes and for employee monitoring, as it offers a lot of features that come in handy in these situations. What makes this app so powerful is the fact that it’s compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Some of the key location tracking details that this app offers are –

  • A log of the current and past locations
  • The location accuracy
  • Dates and timestamps for each entry
  • A Google Maps link for each location recorded

Further, FlexiSpy also offers an accurate geofencing feature to alert you when the target enters or leaves a forbidden or restricted area. Other than location tracking for cell phones, FlexiSpy also allows you to monitor –

  • Phone calls and text messages
  • Keystrokes
  • Social media applications and media files shared on them
  • Media files stored on the device
  • Remote features like deactivating or uninstalling the software, photo and video taking, and app updates.

Download FlexiSpy

KidsGuard: GPS Tracker for Cell Phone

KidsGuard app to track cell phone

KidsGuard is another powerful app that you can use to track someone’s travel history in real time. This app is compatible with Windows PCs, apart from iPhones and Android devices. It also doesn’t require any jailbreaking or rooting for basic features, making it easy to install and use. The GPS tracking feature of this app performs well, and offers all the information listed below –

  • A list view of all the locations
  • A link to OpenStreetMaps to track the target’s phone on a map
  • Timestamps for each location so you can track when the device was at a particular location.

KidsGuard also offers an effective geofencing feature just like mSpy, which is also feature-packed. You can set the time at which you want the virtual fence or boundary to take effect, receive email alerts for every breach, and detect movements within a 1km radius.

Some of the other notable features of this app include –

  • Remote features like call recording, screenshot capturing, and more.
  • Call and text message logging
  • Monitoring for social apps
  • Access to media files like pictures and videos stored on the device.

Download KidsGuard

Third-Party Location Tracking Software

The various monitoring software mentiuoned above offer a more comprehensive approach to tracking. Apart from tracking someone’s location, you can also use them to monitor calls, texts, chats, internet activity, and much more. However, there are several other third-party tools available on the market that can also be used to track a phone location. However, this is the key purpose that these apps serve, and two of the best ones available are given below.

Phone GPS Tracker

phone gps tracker on android

Phone GPS Tracker is a free app that lets you track the real-time location of any device. It has some intuitive features like geofence that can be very helpful in detecting the movements of children or the elderly within set geographical limits. This app can be downloaded from the Android Play Store. You can use it to –

  • Find a lost or stolen device
  • Track devices in real time and get alerts
  • Communicate between users
  • Add and receive tasks, and more.

The app also has a chat feature that you can use to communicate with the user being tracked. This could be a family member, your child, or even a partner.

Life 360

Life 360 on iphone

Life 360 is described as a family locator that parents can use to track all their family members’ locations in real time. Available on the Play Store and iOS App store, it’s easy to download and set up. All you have to do is download the app, create an invite-only family circle, and pay for your subscription of choice to start using the app. Here are some of the features this app offers –

  • Allows users to share real-time location details with other users.
  • Notification and alert features when users come together in proximity.
  • Get summary information after every drive to ensure safe practices.
  • Track past routes, along with any stops made on the way for all family members.

Track Someone’s Android Device Using Find My Device

Find My Device tracker apps

Apart from the monitoring solutions mentioned above, Android and iOS also offer their own native location tracking features. Android devices, for instance, have a feature named Find My Device that users can make use of to track someone’s lost or stolen phone, or even remotely lock or erase it if they suspect it’s fallen into the wrong hands.

To use the app to find a device’s location, follow the steps mentioned below –

Step 1: Open on a web browser and log in using the target’s Google credentials

Step 2: Select the device you want to track, be it a phone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Step 3: The app will show you the device’s location on Google Maps, and also give you the option to ring it or erase it altogether if needed.

However, if you’re using this method to covertly track someone’s location, you must note that the target will receive a notification that someone’s trying to get their location. So, if you’re looking to spy on someone, monitoring apps like SpyBubble or mSpy are your best bet as they’re invisible on the target device and won’t notify the user of their presence in any way.

Use Find My to Track Their Location

Use Find my iPhone to hack an iPhone

Just like Find My Device is a native Android location tracking service, its iOS counterpart is Find My. This app links to the user’s iCloud account to help track their device or erase or lock it if needed. Here’s how you can use this tool to track a cell phone’s location –

Step 1: Open the Find My app on your device or open on a web browser.

Step 2: Tap Devices or Items

Step 3: Select the device you want to track the location of, and you’ll see its last active location on the map. You can navigate to it if needed.

Once again, you must note that if you’re using this to track someone without them knowing, you’ll need to know their iCloud credentials or have Family Sharing turned on. Also, the app will notify the user that someone’s trying to locate them.

How Can I Track a Cell Phone By GPS For Free?

To track a cell phone location by GPS for free, you can use a tool like Find my Device or Find My. These native Android and iOS apps allow you to track a cell phone if it’s lost or stolen. However, if you’re in the market for a more comprehensive monitoring solution, we’d recommend mSpy. It comes with a 7-day free trial and allows you to track locations and monitor every other app on the device.

How Do I Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

SpyBubble is a well known Google Maps cell tracker and is great for someone who wants to track another person on Google Maps without them knowing. It’s one of the best apps to track someone on an Android or iOS device using an online control panel. Since the app functions in stealth mode, the target will never know they’re being tracked.

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