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Claire York

I am a journalist turned private detective researching most spy apps and their effectiveness. Apps, the internet, technology and cybersecurity have always been of interest to me. I turned this passion into a career after leaving my journalistic career at a well-known firm. In overseeing all the important content development for this website, I go beyond what is being sold, detailed, advertised, reviewed, and trying to uncover everything there is to know about these applications.
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The Best Hidden Android Spy Apps for 2023

Why would anyone want to spy on a loved one? Is that because you don’t trust them enough to do the right thing? Maybe. One thing is often true- If you think you need to spy on them, you probably…

How to Find Deleted Friends on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of those social networks that began the trend of stories back in 2011. And so far, it has been providing a blissful experience to its users with its eye-pleasing AR filters. Apart from these, there are many…