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Claire York

I am a journalist turned private detective researching most spy apps and their effectiveness. Apps, the internet, technology and cybersecurity have always been of interest to me. I turned this passion into a career after leaving my journalistic career at a well-known firm. In overseeing all the important content development for this website, I go beyond what is being sold, detailed, advertised, reviewed, and trying to uncover everything there is to know about these applications.

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages

It is common for men to suspect their wives of receiving or giving attention to someone else. Whether it’s a mere phone call, attention, or even a warm smile, men are suspicious because they fear for the unknown. Even a…

track someones location

How to Track Someone Through Text Message

It’s common knowledge that people use text messaging for communication, and this has always been the primary purpose of messaging apps. Was tracking someone’s location in real-time as they send and receive messages something that people have considered when using…

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How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone

Fears about relationships and trust sometimes make one ponder: ways to discreetly monitor my boyfriend’s phone. Whether spawned by angst or questioning, there are excellent, trustworthy ways to watch your partner’s digital behavior. This paper talks about some dependable ways…


How to Track iPhone Location by Phone Number

Many people, especially iPhone users, think that it is impossible to track iPhone location by phone number. That is mostly because of the superior security that iOS devices use. If you are reading this article, it means you are either…

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KidLogger Review – All You Need to Know

Today, there are numerous parental control apps on the market. Each claims to be the finest, offering both shared and distinct characteristics in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If you happen to come across one of these apps, KidLogger might be…